Itchy Scratchy but no fleas

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A friend cat of mine is having some fur issues. He is scratching and will act like he just got a shiver and then attack an area (like something itched him) but he definitely does not have fleas. The doc is giving him mite shots, gets the second one today and he's been subjected to a bath *cringes* but nothing seems to be alleviating it. He's now hiding under the bed because he doesn't feel good but still his meowmy and the doc can't figure out what's wrong. Any ideas? He's scratching bad enough to make some bald patches and scabs. Brown tabby. Do any of you get skin conditions and any idea what to do? *purrs* BooBoo Kitty


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He could have some type of food allergy. What type of food do you feed him? It's probably a good idea to get a lot of Omega 3's into his diet, such as fish oil. Salmon oil is probably the best. Good Luck!


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i too had this same problem.. it was all down my spine.. scabs, bare patches and i just kept itching.

we went to the vet and he gave me a bacterial shampoo (malaseb?) to wash my back in.. and told me i could continue putting Neosporin on it.

cleared up within a week or 2.. then slowly my hair started growing back.. i didn't have a problem since smile

i found it easiest to put about an inch of water in the kitchen sink and bathe her that way.. i did rinse her off with the sprayer.


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Thanks very much. Will pass the info on. If anyone else has info I'll check back later thank you


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I have allergies and scratched myself bald and bleeding before it was diagnosed. Mine seem to be both food and environmental, although once I did the elimination diet and got some meds I got much better. Be careful with the fish oil suggestion. Fish is highly allergic to allergy kitties. Next on the list (after grains) are chicken and beef.

Unfortunately allergies are hard to diagnose and it's usually a matter of eliminating everything else that could cause itchiness. The elimination diet takes up to 3 months to clear you up, so even if you do it you can't be sure for the longest time!

Please feel free to pm us if you need any further allergy info.


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Another possibility is Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) also known as Rolling Back Syndrome or Rolling Skin Disease. Search on YouTube for videos of cats experiencing an episode and see if your friend thinks this is what it looks like.

Vitamins and Acupuncture have proven to help with this syndrome.

I thought Aura had it a couple months ago so I did a lot of research on it, but her symptoms have disappeared.