Help! Roundworms in kitty throw up

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I have a 1-year-old domestic shorthair that a friend recently rescued off the street in November. She immediately took him to a vet to get him checked out and neutered and all his shots, but they did not deworm him which I didn't realize at the time of taking him into my home. Last night he threw up for the first time. At first there were no worms, it was actually more like a hairball. After eating his canned food for dinner, he immediately threw that up, but still no worms. He was acting totally normal, but I knew there was obviously something wrong. About an hour later he threw up just a little again but I noticed a small spaghetti looking thing. I looked it up online and discovered it was a roundworm. I called my local 24-hour vet hospital and they said it wasn't an emergency but definitely take him to get dewormed ASAP at my regular vet. About an hour after that George threw up again and there were A LOT of worms (alive) in his vomit this time. I freaked (first time cat owner) and took him straight to the vet hospital where they gave him an anti-nausea shot and this deworming powder to put on top of his food. They had run out of the deworming pill. I'm told this is fairly common in kittens, but as a first time cat owner I wanted to make sure I'm doing everything right. I was also told that these can be transferred to humans - George likes to sleep in bed with me, does that mean I should change my sheets every night until his medicine is done? How easily are they transferred? Will he continue to throw them up until his medicine course is finished? Help!

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I was found off the street as well, but had to wait initially for the worming meds because I was 'detoxing' and my stomach was too sensitive for it. Mum and dad never saw worms in my throw-up or my stools; overall hoping that means I'm free and clear! (I have gone though my de-worming meds, it was given to my by syringe).
My mum thinks it it would make you feel better, until the meds have run their course feel free to wash your sheets. Mum thinks that the chances of getting said worms would be more likely if you came into direct contact with them (but she could be wrong) She's a worry wort and would most likely do the same. (changing/washing sheets)
If you throw up a lot after the meds, after the course is done perhaps have your mum take in a stool sample or go to the vet to get one checked. Because depending how much is thrown up, one would guess it may not be as effective than if nothing was. I'm sure someone else will have some very good advice for you! *furry hugs*

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I would recommend getting a product called "Evict" from Lambert Kay. It is very safe and is banana flavored. Or it was when I was a vet tech.. mol
It kills all worms, except tapes and hart worms.
When doing work for Nutro at PetCo, I tell people all the time about it. The vet who comes in to do the shots uses it also.
Good luck and please keep us informed!


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I know it is pretty creepy to see that. Tigger had them in his poops, but it was pretty gross too. To be on the safe side, I would wash anything kitty has come in contact with or naps on in detergent & hot water if possible. I am thinking it would prob be more concerning catching them with kids, but I would be a little extra cautious when scooping the litter too. I would also dump the whole thing as much as you can afford to, and wash the box out with a mild bleach solution. And wash your hands frequently. Pretty soon he will be all done with this yuckiness & you shouldn't have to worry. Tigger had a second dose to make sure all of them were gone & they did a stool sample check too. Purrs to you for saving this kitty from a life on the streets.


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Hi! Welcome to the Group! Finding worms in poop or in puke is pretty gross, try finding worms in puke on your bed! Yuk! ~That was my first experience with cat worms!
George probably got his roundworms from his mother, either in utero or while nursing; I'm not sure but I don't think that's one transmittable to people (there are others though).
Anyway they are easy to kill - the powder can be mixed in with canned food, easier than pills. I made sure the cat was hungry - so it would all be eaten.


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We had worms after our mommy came back from her last vacation. Might be that we ate something we shouldn't or that the pet sitter brought worm eggs over from another client. Anyway, the vet suggested Profender, which is a fluid that goes on the back of your neck like those flea preventatives. Since some of us don't like to take pills, so that seemed the best way to make sure we got our meds to get rid of the worms.