Lump on throat...swollen lymph node?

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A little over a week ago my b/f noticed a lump on our cat Tobey's throat. We gave the lump a few days to see if it would clear but it seemed to only get more hard. He was taken to the vet while i was on vacation and i was told by my b/f that the vet thinks its a swollen lymph node possibly caused by his irritated gums. we were prescribed with an antibiotic that would help the gums that lasted a week. a week later and the lump is still there. his gums look almost normal and only have a tinge of redness to the side of the bump. The vet mentioned that if the pills don't work to try using some type of medicine you add to the water. my concern is that the main goal was to fix the gums that would in turn get rid of the lump. his gums are almost normal but as i said before the lump isn't. i don't feel using this second medication will do us any good if its only intention is for his gums.

so i figured maybe i should seek some advice from those on here that may have had something similar happen to their cat. I plan on taking Tobey to a vet again here shortly, but i am wondering if i should take him to a different one.

any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

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Hi Tobey wave
I see you have not gotten any replies yet on your question. I would defiantly go back to your vet and find out for yourself what they say. Make a list of your concerns so you do not forget them. I am sure your b/f asked good ones, but being a Mom to many animals myself, and a former vet tech, I would want to talk to the vet myself. You may need a tooth pulled as it could be an abscess that you can not see.
Good Luck, and please keep us informed.

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I (human mommy) had this happen to me once. But you need to keep trying meds. I had tried 4 before mine finally changed. Just keep faith and message me if you need any advice. I added you to so it will be easy. I also had cats have this same issue too. Again just keep trying new meds tell one works. If in a few trys they could biopsy it but this is more risky to cause a worse infection,

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Mittens just went through something similar but it had nothing to do with her gums/teeth, so I don't know if my experience is helpful to you in Tobey's situation.

I found a hard lump on Mittens' throat in October. Her vet couldn't figure out what it was and x-rays were inconclusive. Next the vet did an aspirate on the lump to take cells for a biopsy. Usually you can get a diagnosis from that, but in Mittens' case, it was inconclusive. The lump got a little larger. At the end of October she had surgery to remove it. It turned out to be a benign tumor on her thyroid gland.

Tobey is too young to have thyroid problems. I guess my point is, the lump may not be caused by problems with his teeth and gums or if it is, there may be something else that can done for him.

If you're uneasy or uncomfortable with your vet's diagnosis or what he's doing to treat Tobey and feel you should consult another vet, my advice is to follow your gut instinct and do it! way to go