Fever, inapetance, lethargy and shallow/short breaths

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Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 10:53am PST 
Yesterday I went up to visit my Mom and her cat was sick. I took kitty's temperature and it was 105 degrees. Kitty was dehyrated, lethargic and not eating.

Immediately took her to the vet and they are running a complete blood panel on her. They took a chest/body xray becuase I noticed the cat was breathing short and a bit shallow.. sort of reminded me of a horse with heaves..

There were no obvious tumors, no blockages, no obvious FIP leasions etc. no pneumonia but the arteries feeding the lungs were enlarged. The cat was given a shot of Naxcel (antibiotic), a fever/pain reducer and some Dexamethazone (Cortizone) to make her more comfortable. She was sent home with 7 day supply of Clavimox. She was rehydrated with SQ fluids.

No definitive diagnosis was made EXCEPT it MAY be heartworm (enlarged lung blood vessels.. 1.6 times wider than the 9th rib is one part of this diagnosis). HOWEVER, the cat's heart sounded good. No arrhythmias and no murmurs.

Because Mom is quite elderly, I now have her cat here in the "sick Cat room" and will be monitoring her health and giving her the Clavimox pending the results of the blood work. She is a very easy cat with pills.

The sick cat room is isolated from the rest of the house where the cats, dog and I live and there is unoccupied air space between the room and the rest of the house. Hand washing and separate feeding etc. is also invoked in the Cat Sick Room procedure. I do not know if Pretty Kitty has anything that is contagious at this point. My cats are UTD on shots.. but not everything can be vaccinated for.

Last night Pretty Kitty FINALLY ate some wet food. She is concentrating urine and using her litter box. She has not pooped yet (food has to be taken in for poop to come out).

This morning she would not eat and had not drunk any water (I measure it out into the bowl and then pour it back into the measuring cup after 12 hours to measure water intake). Her temperature was 100.8 so well within normal range. Her breathing is no better. Per Vet instructions I started the Clavimox.

Because she would not eat I added some water to some canned Evo and some of the Canned food my Mom had been giving her (NOT Evo.. but NOT good.. Fancy Feast.. I know I know.. ). I don't want to change too much too fast for this cat.. she is sick. Anyway, she refused the food.

I put her in my lap and found she would swallow the food if I put it on my finger and put it in her mouth.. so that is what I did and I got about 5 oz in her (and it had extra water in addtion to the 5 oz.. want to keep her hydrated).

She is fed and she is sleeping now. The room is very comfortable and I have an extra heater in it as a feverish cat can get to feeling cold. It is probably 68-70 in the room.

This cat is entirely UTD on vaccinations (including FeLV) and is 3 years old. She is not over weight and is calico tabby colored.

I will know more when the blood work arrives tomorrow or the next day, but I am wondering if any of you have had similar presenting symptoms in your cat and what the outcome was. Just tossing this out there.

I am more than a little concerned about the somewhat labored, short breaths.

Mom is dealing with Dad with Alzheimers and this cat is her anchor.. and her buddy.. well this is a cat forum.. you KNOW what I mean. I am doing all I can to pull Pretty Kitty thru both for the cat and my Mom.

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 11:03am PST 
Dear Oliver's Mom:

We cannot offer any help with the symptoms you describe, our meowmy has never had a cat show this type of health problems.

However, we did want to write and let you know all us kitties will be purring very, very hard for this kitty, and our meowmy will be praying. She lost her dad to Alzeheimer's in August, 2004, and knows how stressful it can be to care for someone with this disease. Please do keep us posted as to what the vet says.

Healing Purrs,
Charmaine Neville, Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Buddy Bolden


Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 11:13am PST 
Thanks Charmaine Neville (I like that name!) for the good words and your Meowmy's prayers.

Will let you know how it all works out.


Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 4:59pm PST 
A little improvement tonight. Pretty Kitty's respiratory rate has cropped from 50 per minute to 38-40 per minute. It is less labored as well.

She still is not eating and so was hand fed another 2.5 ounces of wet food with a little added water and 25ml of fresh water with a syringe. She is still depressed and sick, but the change in respiration gives me hope. BTW her color is good and has been all along.

I hope the blood test comes back tomorrow and reveals some answers. I will call them in the after noon if I hear nothing.. I would really love it if tomorrow morning she was eating on her own.


He's no- Sherlock!
Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 9:06pm PST 
Not sure what's happening with Pretty Kitty, but something that may be easier to get into her, and will give her all her nutrients until she starts eating. Cook 2chicken thighs, a few hearts, a liver, in plain water. Pull out thighs till cool enough to handle. Pull as much meat and cartiledge as possible. In processor, add all meat/cartiledge, a 1/4 tsp powdered eggshell, a can of whatever food you normally give, and enough of the broth to make a thin, soupy puree. She may try this on her own, but if she doesn't, you can use it to syringe feed.
I hope Pretty Kitty will be ok! Good luck on the meds kicking in soon.


Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 4:41am PST 
Thanks Watson.

She has been getting 2mg 2X day of Cyproheptadine to stimulate her apetite (it is an antihistamine). This morning at 4:30AM she actually got up and greeted me and she ALMOST ate on her own.

I got another 3/4 oz of Evo canned in her and 15ml or water. The water dish was missing 50ml of water from last night so she must have had a drink. She also pee'd 3X during the night so I am getting water into her by way of food and syringe. She is a very easy cat to handle, pill and feed. The syringe is actually a bit more difficult, tho I get it along her back teeth and put water in her at a rate of 1ml per swallow.

Her Breathing is better, tho she makes double breaths here and there.. but the rate over all is around 30 breaths per minute, which is pretty close to normal. Her temperature is up but not out of normal range at 101.8 degrees.

I left her with fresh water (200ml each bowl) and food and a clean litter pan. I will see how she is tonight when I get home. Hoping she eats on her own... and hoping the blood test results come back SOON. Today would be nice. Might not be until tomorrow....

♥- Willow- ♥

The Energizer- Kitty!
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 6:44am PST 
Oliver's Mom,

We can't help you either with what's wrong with Pretty Kitty, but we just wanted to say how kind you are to her... to take her in from your mom and give her the best care you can. That in itself is something to be commended for. hug

As for your dad and Altzheimer's. My daddy's father passed away from it in January of 2008, and like Charmaine's Meowmy, we know just how horrible that disease is. Our thoughts are prayers are with you, your mom, your dad and of course Pretty Kitty.

Please keep us informed as to how everyone is doing!

-^Willow^, Barnaby, TomTom & Angels Bo Peep, Maggie & Bernie (and their dad) hug

Oliver - In Loving- Memory

I'm Mom's- special knitting- helper!
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 10:15am PST 
Hey Oliver (love that name wink ) where are you located? Two of my friend's kitties is having the same problem - this started on Friday. We have been at the vet clinic every day with them and we can't figure out whats going on. One is showing some improvement but the other still won't eat on his own. We were wondering if there was some weird virus going around.

See if your vet will give you some A/D - if Kitty won't eat it, it's already the perfect consistency for syringe feeding. Meat baby food works, too - just make sure there's no onion powder in it.

To the poster that had the chicken puree - thank you. I currently am caring for a kitty with hepatic lipdosis and she has no appetite either, which is what got her into this mess. Sometimes she'll eat the A/D on her own, sometimes not. It's good to have other tempting treats in my arsenal!


Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 10:38am PST 
Thanks for the advice Oliver! That is a good name. wink

Pretty Kitty lives in a rural area east of Albany, NY.

Be careful with that hepatic lipidosis. Ultimately that is what caused my old show cat to cross the rainbow bridge. And yes.. lack of apetite will send a cat (especially an over weight cat) down that path!

Pretty Kitty is not at all fat. She is, if anything, a bit spare. i am not so concerened about hepatic lipidosis as I am keeping her hydrated.

I am hoping for her to eat on her own tonight.. she 'almost' did this morning. Will cal the vet in another hour or so.

Oliver - In Loving- Memory

I'm Mom's- special knitting- helper!
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 11:47am PST 
Hey, Oliver - hydrating is always good. On the hepatic lipidosis thing, any cat that doesn't eat for a period of time can get it. I've had elevated bilirubin twice from not eating. Darla's is stress induced we think - her owner passed away and she got stuck in a cage with her sister who ended up getting adopted (I would have made the person take them both or pick another kitty) and quit eating. She was actually purring last night and wanting affection so this could be a good sign.

Is Pretty Kitty congested/sneezing? L-lysine helps with that too.

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