why did my cat die?

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Gracie, In- Loving- Memory

Purred: Thu Mar 26, '09 11:26am PST 
Gracie died a few years ago but I never knew why. She was almost age 6 when she died. The day before, she was playing, climbing her cat tree and all, she ate just fine.

Then that night, in the middle of the night maybe 2am, I woke up to hear crying. She was a vocal cat, but this was different. I got up and found her in the bathroom, and real tears were falling from her eyes.

I put her on her cat bed and went to get a cat treat to see if she'd eat, but when I got back she was gone. I figured, ok she must be ok to go roaming around.

But the next morning I couldn't find her. I finally found her underneath a pantry she'd never gone before. She was very tired, falling asleep in my arms.

I took her into the vet right away. They called poison control to see if any symptoms matched, I rushed home to check for any pill bottles open or anything, but none.. No poisons around the house either she could have got into.

She was put in an oxygen chamber, and my vets office was closing by that time. My vet was afraid she wouldn't make the drive to the animal ER hospital but we risked it and she did live the ride.

They went to work on her, and the ER vet told me all her symptoms together didn't add up to anything..but separate, her symptoms were things like tylenol overdose or heart disease.

He treated her for tylenol poison even though all our medicine is behind cabinets..and no lids were off..

Well he gave her mucomist, the tylenol antidote, then put her in an oxygen chamber. Later around 4am I called and he said she was doing slightly better..

But then the next day she got worse. Her head swelled up. The vet said he couldn't xray her or anything to find out what was wrong because she wouldn't survive it.

She refused to eat and drink. They took her off IV liquids though because of her head swelling.
She died after 3 days. I visited her each day, she tried to pick up that heavy head to look at me but the last day she didn't move at all.

The vet said, she was middle aged so she wasn't that young..but she was only just under 6...

Does anyone know what this could have been? Thank you sorry this was long. Someone on dogsters dog had died and I guess it made me think of Gracie.


Purred: Thu Mar 26, '09 2:25pm PST 
The only problem with cats is that they can hide when they are not feeling well, so well that you may never know your kitty is sick untill it is too late.

I was wondering if you had any plants at home that were either new that gracie may have suddenly taken an intrest in? As it does sound like it could have been a poison. But it also could have been some sort of pre existing medical condition that you were not aware of.

I am realy sorry for your loss.


Named for the- other famous- green tractor
Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 9:32am PST 
This is heart breaking and my thoughts go out to you. It does sound like Gracie either had an allergic reaction OR ate something poisonous (like a dropped tylenol tablet she may have found and played with). Was she an indoor/outdoor cat? Could she have gotten something outside (I think she was an indoor only cat from your description). Six years old is not old for a cat.

Here are some ideas.. links.. that may help..


http ://www.petplace.com/cats/facial-swelling-in-cats/page1.aspx

This article discusses swelling as an allergic response to vaccination but also lists poisonous plants at the very end os if you have any plants in your house, check that list out.


Oliver and crew and their dog send you condolences. hug

Hobert von- Kingston III

Is it Caturday- yet?
Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 10:11am PST 
Could she have been stung or bitten by something? It's common for spiders, scorpions, or bees to get into houses every now and then. Some can really pack a wallop, and she could have just been hypersensitive to those types of toxins.


Shy and- oh-so-sweet
Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 10:48am PST 
If she went outside, it's conceivable she got into some mouse poison or ate a mouse that had been poisoned. Bug spray is also possible. Bug sprays contain warfarin, which is a blood thinner - the swelling may have been from blood, not water?


Of course I'm no vet. But I would think illness or something toxic rather than allergy. My understanding is that allergic reactions are immediate. It wouldn't make sense for her to get better and then get worse.

I'm sorry this happened. It is frustrating to not have the closure of at least knowing what happened.

Gracie, In- Loving- Memory

Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 11:09am PST 
thank you all. She was a mostly indoor cat, but went outside with my in the backyard. she did use to chase mice under the deck stairs, and catch some but I never saw her eat one, just play with it and leave it for me haha. She was outside the day before the night I heard her crying, but never out of my sight. She had chased a squirrel halfway up the tree then just hung around my feet.
We don't have scorpians but we do have alot of spiders and ticks.
she was a wonderful cat, I always felt like I should have done more to help her, like I kept calling the animal er and saying why couldn't medicine be given for her heart, they said once heart tissue is damaged it can't heal. I think it was blood that made her face swell the vet said but since we couldn't do any MRI or cat scan nothing was found out for sure.

Sable - ~Love you- Always~

Ride the Wild- Wind
Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 1:44pm PST 
Unfortunately , cats can die suddenly from a previously unknown or undiagnosed heart condition. My meowmy has known some cats to pass suddenly from heart disease. frown These things just happen.. purrhaps it was her time.


Purrveyor of- Furballs
Purred: Mon Mar 30, '09 12:12pm PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss. My parents' cat died around age 7 or 8, with no known cause and no previous health issues. My mom just heard a loud noise in the bedroom one day - like a thump - and went in to find the cat had died. It must be so hard to lose your baby like that - I don't know if you'll ever find out, but I hope you can find comfort in knowing that you took good care of her and tried everything you could for her.

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Wed Apr 1, '09 8:03am PST 
i feel for you! 6 years old is NOT an 'old cat' no matter what a vet says.

it is possible she had some head trama that maybe you didnt know about, such as she hit her head or fell? maybe this caused her head to swell?

or she might have been born with a bad heart that all of a sudden killed her.

its hard to say...cats are super good at hiding there illness. they dont complain or show signs untill its too late...if you think about it, animals do everything they can to hide any signs of weakness so other animals dont prey on them. its not your fault when a pet does everything they can to say "im fine"


******Morgan- *******

Precious one
Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 2:04pm PST 
You know, I had a cat her name was Serene and she was six years old too!!! She was absolutely fine one day and the next day she was just laying on the rug and looked like she was going to get sick. I picked her up and she felt like Jelly. I rushed her to the animal hospital and they put her in oxygen tent and would not x-ray her or anything because she needed oxygen. She never got better (she died within 1 hour of being at the vets) I was going to have an autopsy done but we buried her in the pet cemetary and that is almost $500.00 and I thought it through and regardless of what took her life I was never going to get her back. It is awful though and very frustrating to have a little healthy cat one day and a trauma the next. It is just so hard to figure it all out. I do know what you are saying and I can't believe how similar our stories are. I could not let this go by without sharing with you.

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