Spay stitches

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Has anyone heard of stitches coming out of a cat after getting spayed? I'm not talking the usual take the cat back to get the stitches removed. Last month we got Spitfire spayed and when we took her back to get the stitches taken out they said that she took them out herself and that the incision site was completely healed. Well today we had to rush her back almost a month later. I was laying on the bed with her and noticed a half inch(approxiamate) long piece of thread coming out of her stomach. I tried to very gently tug it out and it wouldn't budge so I called the vet. They said they wanted to see her right away so I called hubby and we rushed her in. As soon as they saw it they said it was inside suturing and that it's common for this to happen. I don't get HOW it could have happened almost a month after we were told all the stitches were out and the site was 100% healed and closed up. Now I need to keep a really close eye on it because were the thread was to me looks like there might be a little bit of infection but they said it is fine now. I'm seriously starting to wonder if maybe I should switch back to my old vet. I've never had anything like this happen in all the times that I've gotten a cat spayed. This is also the second time inside of a month that one of my animals has had problems that this vet does not seem to take too seriously.

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Wow, Spitfire, we h ave never heard of such a thing, Either the vet uses some material that dissolves, especially with ferals, or the cat is brought back in about 7-10 days and they are removed by the vet. This is what has happened with all of us.

And certainly, I would go to another vet, if this is the second time this current vet is not taking your pet's health seriously. Next time could mean even more serious health problems for your cat.

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dont worry...its not a big deal.

when a cat is spayed, they get two sets of stitches. Inside, which you usually dont see, and outside. the outside stitches eaither dissovle or are removed. The inside ones dissovle also.

somehow your kitty got one out. The vet should fix it.

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Just a note to Spitfire's humans; the vet told our mom to never, ever
to pull anything you see sticking out of a wound; ie a surgery sticht, and of course nothing the kitty seems to be passing (as in thread coming out its bottom) Because that could be stuck to a organ or inner lining and pulling it could cause it to collapse or hurt it in some way. Instead call the vet, he might say as he did to Spitfire parents or he might want to see the kitty to remove the object.
BTW Clovis swallowed a piece of thread once and was walking around the house with part of it sticking from his behind. I almost pulled it out but I took C to the vet instead and that is when he told me that..never thought about it before


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i had a sitch that had pushed it's way to the surface. the vet teased it out for me. it happens. however your vet should take you seriously and not make you feel stupid. vets need to realise they have patients AND clients. both we (the vict....err patient) and our companions (the 1 with the $$$) deserve respect.


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Yeah at least they didn't make us pay. I think all they did was cut it.....not sure though as they took her out back to deal with it. I personally would have prefered they kept her in the room with me as I worry about my animals a lot. On the bright side I checked it earlier and it doesn't appear to be red or anything today so probably no infection. I've just never had anything like this happen when i've had a cat spayed before.