How often does your cat throw up?

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Is there a "normal" number of times a cat throws up per week/month/year without concern? Reason I ask is, Isabelle throws up maybe once a month. There is never anything "wrong" with her, she just upchucks and then is fine. I personally think she just eats too much at a time or gets wild too soon after eating.

But my sister's cats (she has 4) seem to be throwing up all the time! I house-sat for her once and I swear I cleaned up puke every day for a week (obviously not always the same cat). frown

Is there a point at which you decide the barfing is abnormal and get it checked out, or do some cats just throw up more often? shrug

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What's normal depends on how it's happening.

A lot of cats regurgitate after eating because they eat too fast, especially with dry food because it can expand in the stomach after it gets wet. If the food comes back up quickly after eating, without showing signs of being digested, then it's more likely that a way to slow down eating be devised than it being a true medical problem.

If kitties are barfing up a lot of hair/hairballs, then this can often be helped with regular brushing and hairball treatment.

If food is being vomited after being somewhat digested or if a cat is throwing up digestive fluids, this is more of a concern. There are a lot of serious conditions that can cause this kind of nausea. If cats are vomiting often and it's not regurgitation or hairballs, then they should definitely see the vet.

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Okay, here's a neat one. The cats and kittens have figured out that the Bathtub gets cleaned regularly (i.e. every day when the Human takes a shower) so now they use it as a place to get rid of various unpleasant bodily excretions, including kitty vomit. Yech, you might say. But there's more. Mommy saw Byerly eating a pile of undigested, almost fresh from the Science Diet bag vomit, with apparent enthusiasm. We don't know whose vomit it was, and Byerly isn't telling, but she does say that things taste better after they've been in the stomach for a while and then come out again. We say, "Eeeuw!!!"

dog Oh, we dogs do that all the time. No biggie.

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My moms call me Sir Puke-a-Lot. I like to gooble up all the dry food so none of the other kids can have any. Then I run really fast and vomit. Of course I vomit on the rug or carpet, never the tile floor! If you kitty seems healthy otherwise, I would not worry. I probably vomit about once a month and I am a big, healthy, strong boy.


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Cats puke. It seems to be the way they manage their digestive systems. How to distinguish between a cat who vomits because it's actually sick, and one who's just vomiting because that's what cats do, is the question. Generally, if it's healthy vomit, there are hairballs or cat grass involved. Eating too fast, or certain foods, can also trigger this reaction. Oh, my, cat vomit on the floor is so common here (with ten cats) that we just take it in stride (thank goodness that the Tokyo Metropolitan Animal Welfare Office required me to get rid of all carpets before I could get a breeding license). If you know cats, you will be able to read their body language and figure out when they really ARE sick, and need to see the vet. But if your cat seems otherwise healthy, but vomits occasionally--say, once a month--then that's probably just a cat thing. Don't quote me on this--I'm not a vet, just a keen cat observer. If there are any doubts in your mind, DO go to the vet.

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Milo will Puke about once a month. Libby on the other hand it seems to be every two weeks or week and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she does it on the carpet and it stains when it's food. She will puke for 2 reasons. she cleans her self 24/7 the puke will have hair in it and if there isn't tons of cat hair in it, than she pukes from eating to much food two fast and when this happens she'll puke 5 mins after eating.

She was a stray cat so I think this is why she over eats to fast.

she is always grooming herself it gets annoying and I tried so many bitter cat creams that say it will prevent licking lol haha yea right they don't work.