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Edwin July- 25/2000-Nov- 15/2011

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Hi my cat Edwin has started to get leaky eyes as I call it. I started happing a couple of months ago I bought some kitty eye wipes for her the work but it takes a couple of days, when she is like this she sqints alot and when I wipe her eyes she dosen't seem to mind. She is in good health otherwise but this is really bothering me because I don't know why it is happening. Does anybody know what this could be. Thanks.thinking


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If her eyes are runny, its possible she has something in her eye, kinda like
we do on occassion, and our eyes run. Or she may have an eye infection.
Are her eye lids red? That would be one sign of an eye infection. Or being
that it is winter, and the house is closed up, it could just be the stale air,
smoke, dust, etc. Or it be a blocked tear duct.

The flat faced breeds, Persians, Himalayans, are prone to eye and sinus
issues, due to their little smushed in faces.

This is something I did not know, and just read in the Cats USA 2009
Annual, page 85, regarding tear stains. Tear stains are most often caused
by iron in the tears. Cats get iron from the water they drink, it says to give
bottled water or distilled water (altho my vet said to stay away from
distilled water).

It also says to avoid food and treats that have dye in them.
The cat kibble and treats, that come in different colors, are dyed.

I do know, that dye in the food, can cause, allergic reactions,
and create health issues, like intestional upset, and skin/coat probs. I was
in the waiting room one time, and the vet said to a dog person, the dogs
health issue was due to the red dye in the dog food.

You might want to take her to the vets, and have her eyes checked.

Had to laugh, when I read about Edwin. Back when we were little kids,
my father on one of his business trips, rescued a little kitten. The kitten
was a tortishell. A torti should be a female, almost always, it is very very
rare, it is a male, same with calico's. We thought we had a female, took
her to the vets, the vet said, you have a male, very rare. Henrietta, became
Herman. Thought you would enjoy the story.

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you might consider a trip to the vet, edwin might conjunctivitis. which means your kitty is going to need some medicine to help the eye out, that is how cesars how started out, watery and squirting, blinking. good luck, keep us updated.