Scratched Eye!

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Callie - "Most Beautiful"
Purred: Thu Oct 2, '08 7:57am PST 
Okay so right now things are really crappy, we owe the bank money for overdraft and can't take the kitty to vet right away, I'll have to see about borrowing some money.

Anyway, our kitty has a scratch on her eye and it's leaking pretty good. Is there ANYTHING I can do for her in the meantime? She has it open okay and it looks alright, I just checked again and the leaking has stopped. Any advice would be great.

Nuk Anuk

Couching Tiger
Purred: Thu Oct 2, '08 11:37am PST 
Eye (Corneal) lacerations are painful and are a potentially vision-threatening condition.. Atropine ointment is standardly prescribed. (Atropine dilates the pupil and relieves pain from and spasm of the iris.)
Antibiotic eye ointment and an oral antibiotic course is usual too.

Until you can get to the vet (and I suggest you go sooner than later)
Take care that your cat doesn't rub at the eye or cause any extra trauma to it. If you wipe away any discharge use a clean moistened washcloth with warm water only and use extreme care when exerting any pressure on the cat's head. (Any excess pressure on the head, neck or eye can result in rupture of the eye. This worsens the prognosis for retention of vision and retention of the eye itself.)

Observe the eye for signs of worsening, especially cloudiness of the cornea, increased or altered ocular discharge, continued squinting or more obvious inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the delicate lining in the eyelids and covering part of the eyeball.

Do not apply any type of eye covering. The warm and dark atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

It is important that your cat recieves veterinary care for this. It is important to determine the severity of the laceration.

Superficial injuries may be treated as I described above, but
lacerations that create flaps in the cornea or that involve the first 1/3 of the cornea may require surgery to trim these flaps and to clean the lesion. (Following such surgery, topical medications are then instituted. )

Lacerations that are deep in the cornea and injuries that have penetrated into the eye are considered emergencies.


Bridge to- Terabithia,- fairy princess
Purred: Fri Oct 3, '08 12:57pm PST 
OTC Neosporin should help stop the bacteria fromspreading-- its an ointment. Also, clean the area with a warm towel to clean it off. And if need be, get your kitty a Victorian collar (available at Petco) so she doesn't scratch out her eye...

Sissy LaRue

Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 8:04pm PST 
Eyes are very very sensitive. Please get your kitty to the vet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Sometimes the scratch can lead to an ulceration and some ulcerations can cause loss of the eye. I would strongly suggest you find a way to get your kitty to the vet. You can try some of the things others have suggested.


the orange one
Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 9:01pm PST 
eye problems are nothing to play around with, i would get the kitty in ASAP, before it got worse.


Bridge to- Terabithia,- fairy princess
Purred: Mon Oct 13, '08 11:08pm PST 
The kitten we just rescued went blind in one eye b/c she was unable to be caught in the traps...She scratched her eye b/c it was so itchy from the URI...


Lets Go Bills!
Purred: Wed Oct 15, '08 9:17am PST 
If you tell our vet up front that you cant pay all at once, they set you up on a payment plan that fits with your budget. Maybe your vet has something like that? Or maybe they have samples so you dont have to pay for any antibiotics that you may need. (human doctors usually can give you samples of an RX if you ask)

I scratched my eye with a straw once. I loved to carry them around like dogs carry bones and somehow i ended up getting my eye scratched by it. Dad took me to the vet (even though dad assured mom i was fine before she left for work - he didnt want mom to worry because she overreacts a lot) and they gave me two kinds of eye ointment that i needed twice a day but it helped me feel better. I still kinda fought them when they tried to put it in, but i knew it would make me feel better.