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eye half closed sometimes

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Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 6:55pm PST 
Harleys mom here. I got home from work about 2 hours ago and both cats looked like they had just woke up when the greeted me at the door. i went on the computer for a little bit and Harley layed on the floor next to me which is what he usually does. I started running a bath with a new bubble bath product and Harley sat on the toilet seat as usual watching. as i got in the bath i noticed that his left eye he was blinking a lot. Jewel came in and sniffed the bath and she made a face and started blinking an ran out. Harley stayed put but as i watched he started closing his eye more and more, although he was trying to keep it opened most of the time. For a few minutes his pupil was dialated and i got scared and brought him into the other room to see if it was just a reaction to the bubble bath ( it was a very strong lavender scent). The pupil went back to normal and ate his dinner and some treats but every once in a while ill see him shut his left eye again. I tried to look into it to see if i could see anything and he was pretty good about it, although i didnt see anything. Theres no tears or puss either. A few times he did lick his paw and wash that side of his face. I dont know if maybe when i wasnt looking Jewel and him fought and she got him in the eye but im pretty sure he was with me the whole time and she was out in the living room playing with her mice. My vet is closed for the night but there is a 24 hour expensive vet thats 45 min away. By boyfriend thinks that since it did get better since i took him out of the bathroom that i should wait till morning, that maybe a sud splahed into his eye or something. I dont know if i should try to wash his eye out with water or something. I dont have regular saline - only contact solution which im pretty sure isnt safe for kittys

any advice?


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Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 8:19pm PST 
If the contact lens solution is plain saline, you can use it. If in doubt, don't use it. Do not put anything else into the eye until you know exactly what is going on. Generally I say when it's related to the eye...don't wait. however, since both cats got kind of squinty eyes in the bathroom you may want to wait and watch. if the eye is getting worse, he's holding it shut, it's really red or his third eyelid is covering the eye then a visit tonight is definitely in order. Otherwise I'd contact your vet in the am if the problem persists.


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Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 9:05pm PST 
Khina has always been winky and blinky, so when I see her with one eye closed I figure she just got some dust or a stray bit of fur in there. Her eyes have never looked anything but clear. If it's not swollen or red and if he's not pawing at it constantly I would say it was probably an irritant and it will resolve itself. I've had a few pets in the past who had gotten their eyeballs scratched through rough play or running through brush and it was always very obvious that it was an injury. It would be swollen and the third eyelid would be closed and there was gunk building up. Keep an eye on things, but it's likely nothing in this case.


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Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 10:42pm PST 
also, make sure no liquid is running out of the eye, if around the eye is wet, wipe it dry, then see if the if is running. just keep a eye on it.


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Purred: Fri Sep 19, '08 5:09am PST 
i just got up and so far he isnt squintinting but he is washing his face at the moment, giving that side of his face extra attention. from what i can see, the eye still looks clear,no gunk or tears. Hopefully he just got something in his eye and it finally worked its way out over night. Luckily im off today so i cankeep an eye on him!