what's a safe liquid antacid?

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Greetings all,

I've been having a small problem of throwing up foam/mucus, so my vet suggested taking Pepcid in pill form. Unfortunately, I have a terrible time taking pills.

So can anyone recommend a liquid antacid (and in what quantity) that's safe for us furballs?

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You should contact a reformulating pharmacy and have the pepcid compounded into a liquid for. OR if you're up to it, have your vet show you how to give injections of the pepcid (it's really easy).

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We take Pepcid occasionally. Mom cuts the 10mg tablets into quarters. They're actually pretty tiny then.

Have you tried pill pockets?


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Pill pockets are great treats .... I eat all around the outside and leave whatever's inside. I manage to do this regardless of what food product the pill might be encased in.

. . . But i do like the Phamacy idea. I was hoping maybe that someone might have used something over the counter, like Mylanta or some other product, before my paws start moving in that direction.



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AlternaGel . It is the liquid form of Aluminum Hydroxide Dry Gel Powder. Both of this are commonly given to cats in crf. This site explains it all and were to buy.

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My mom prefers to give me pills. because I wont even eat the liquid if it's in my food. What my mom does is get down on her knees and hold me between them, she hunches over me opens my mouth and shoves the pill in there she closes my moth and holds it closed for a couple seconds and lets me go cause she knows the pill went down. Some times it takes a couple trys but she gets it. But it's taken a while for mom to get this down perfect puppy

good luck

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If you do give Pepcid make sure it's the regular formula, NOT the extra strength.
AND cut the tablet into four pieces like Beatrice said and only give 1/4 of it. But more importantly, you need to find out what's causing the frequent vomiting before you start treating it.

Purrs that you'll be feeling better soon.


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A compounding pharmacy can also change it to a transdermal cream that you rub inside the ear. I have been using the transdermal pepsid with great success. smile


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Mommy has a dog that gets Prilosec every day. She crushed up the pill and put it in VAL Syrup (available through vet) and does that. I HATE taking pills but mommy has found GREAT success with Liver Sausage (found near the bologna) at the grocery store. I LOVE it and take my pills willingly. I am the WORST cat she has EVER had to try and give pills too, crushing doesn't work I sniff it out smile


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Thank you all for some excellent input ..... applause

With a number of paths to take, I'm sure I will find one that works.

I know it's a bit early, but I want everyone to enjoy the upcoming holidays .... I even broke out my costume early just to make sure it still fits !!