L-lysine question

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I went to the vet yesterday because I sneeze a lot sometimes, so now I have to take the yucky medicine again. But the vet told my mom to buy some L-lysine to help my immune system, she said we can buy it at Target or Walgreens. Now she is confused, can she really buy the medication meant for people and give it to me? I know I'm not going to like taking this either, but I really like it when she gives me the food with gravy... Maybe if I have to take medicine I'll get more now!

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Hi Liebe, I was on L-lysine for 30 days, because I sneeze too, but I read that you should only be on it for that long, but I know of some cats who are on it forever because they have Herpes virus. I took antibiotics and I still sneeze once in a while. Anyhow yes I bought mine at a health food store, I trust them more than Walmart or Target brands. I gave 250ml in the am and 250ml in the evening It was a 500 ml capsule that I opened up and mixed the powder in with the wet food, he didnt even notice it in his food. You can get the liquid form as well, I just found this is easier.


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L-Lysine is an immune booster, and when Bumpurr has an occassional
infection, my vet puts him on the L-Lysine too, and he is better in a few
days, altho he does stay on his meds for the required time. She gives him
the L-L for no more than 10 days.

500 mg, get the capsuls, you can break them open, and I mix, very well, with
1 teaspoon baby food, Beechnut, turkey or chicken ONLY, and lukewarm
water, so its kindy soupy, like a thick soup. He eats it right up, never even
knows its in there. He gets one capsule, once a day, but he is also 20 lbs,
so it would depend on the weight of the cat, as to how much to give, your
vet should of told you how much to give, and for how long.

You can get L-L almost anywhere, but get a good name brand, no sugar, no
starch, no preservatives, no fillers etc.

There are a few human products that can be given to cats, but they should
only be given under the direction of a vet. Never give tylenol to a cat, it
will kill them, if aspirin is called for, they usually give baby aspirin, 81 mg,
but again, only under the directon of a vet, as you would not know how
much to give or how often.

Metemucil can also be given to a cat, but has to be sugar free, and flavor
free. This also depends on the weight of the cat, as to how much to give,
and how often, and what is wrong with the cat. And again, should only
be given under the direction of a vet.

Hope this helps and hope your kitty is feeling better soon. smile smile smile


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Did you know that 95% of the meds you give your cat are human meds also made by the exact same pharmasutical co. the only difference is in the packaging.

For all Canadian cats out there did you know that you could ask your vet for a perscription and buy the meds at your local pharmacy?? In the end you save quite a bit of money. Especially if you live in Toronto some vets there mark up thier meds by up to 400% that means some people are paying $120 for a med that should cost $40. The other really expensive area for animal meds is Vancouver.

So yes if your vet says you needs and says that you can us a human something or other it is because even if you bought an animal med it is still the same thing.


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My vet gave me a tube of lysine gel. Sneakers gets a little bit every day rubbed on his paws and he licks it off!

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We have been using lysine everyday for the past couple yrs. my brofur has the herpes virus(fhv-1). my daddy gets it in straight powder at a vitiman store. he mixes it our food every day, we have no problems eating.

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We've been advised to try L-lysine with our three FeLV kitties, along with their interferon to boost the immune system.

I noticed some responses say every day, others only for a limited time. Can anyone clarify which is best?

I was told to get it at a health food store - the 'pure' form only.



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Bo I think it the same principle as with humans.

If you are taking an immune booter every day your body's natural immune system weekens so that you are more susseptible to illness. However If you start to take it at the first symptoms of the illness it is shorter and less intense you would stop the immune booster as soon as you feel better.

However if you are some one with a week immune system the it would be a wise Idea to stay on the immune booster as your more susseptible to begin with.

Makes sences????

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Yep! I takes my interferon for one week, then don't take it for one week. Well, I doesn't "take" it. Meowmy has to give it to me. Not fun!

How much L-lysine should a kitty take?



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Dear Bo, I think Gosmot explained it pretty well. Bumpurr only takes it went he gets
an infection, and I have noticed, he gets over it pretty quick, he is pretty much better by
the 2nd or 3rd day, but I also catch any irregularties right away, so that makes a
difference too.

The dosage and the amount, would depend on the weight of the cat, and why the cat is
taking L-Lysine. Bumpurr is a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, and being a big boy,
he gets 1 capsul, once a day. Each capsul is 500 mgs, and my vet usually only keeps him
on it for 7-10 days, depending on the issue.

Any medication, even tho we can get some of it over the counter, should only be given
on the direction of a vet. Just like with horses, you have to know what your treating for,
and its too easy to OD or kill them.

Tylenol can kill them, if a vet advises to give aspirin, its usually baby aspirin, 81 mgs,
but it would depend on what the issue is, as to how much to give, how often, and for how
long. Gotta run, big Dallas game on tonight.

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