Giving pills.....

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Purred: Tue Jul 8, '08 6:15pm PST 
So my mommy talked to the vet last night and they are calling in an antibiotic for me. One pill once a day for 2 weeks. cry I am sneezing so much and my mommy is getting tired of wiping my nose all the time and so am I!!!
I am way too smart for a pill to be hidden in my food or in a treat so mommy will just have to shove it down my throat....but I'm not gonna let that happen!
Anyone have advice on how to give a pill????
My mom has heard about how to get the pill past the tongue so I can't gag it back up.
Any suggestions would be helpful!!!

Athena (In- Memory)

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I am an absolute "meanie" when it comes to getting pilled. Mom has given pills to all her furcritters (including her horse) with no problem, but she gives me the prize for being able to spit the thing out, no matter what she hides it inside of. Just sticking the pill on the back of my tongue causes me to gag and I usually vomit everything (including the pill) back up. So, although it takes a little more effort, she liquifies wet cat food in a blender (enough to last a week in the refrigerator), mashes the pill into powder and mixes it with a dab of the cat food; spoons it into a small syringe and syringes it down my throat. This is actually the least tramatic for me.

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Purred: Tue Jul 8, '08 7:27pm PST 
This is Delyte. Our vet gave us a pill pusher, which is a long thing with two soft rubber prongs on the end that hold the pill. You put the pill in it, and you can put it down the kitty's throat, past the back of the tongue where the gag reflex is, and release it into the throat. To hold the kitty, we recommend the kitty burrito method--wrap the kitty from the neck down in a towel or blanket, so that only the head sticks out, pry the jaws open and put the pill pusher down. I guess I am a glutton, because if it is possible to hide the pill in any food, they can get it past me! Even a tiny bit of butter if it is a tiny pill, but we also use cheese spread to hide pills in. I like that so much that I come if the cheese spread comes out.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!! big grin


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I have always had the best of luck crushing the pills in a pill crusher and putting it in a small bite of canned food. They have never been able to tell it was in there and eat it like it was their food! way to go


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I have also just crushed the pill down and hid it in some food, but thats when my old cat would eat anything. shes stubborn in her old age and weve had to use the pill pusher things before. she doesnt like it, but it works!

Sally Maria- (Mama's- Angel)

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I've been taking pills for the last 11 years and with my tiny little mouth, there was no way my mama could get her finger in there to poke the pill down my throat. Crushing it and hiding it in food doesn't work because I can SMELL the nasty things. The best invention on the planet is the pill pusher/pill gun as far as were concerned! Mama just got me a brand new one from 1800petmeds.com that has a nice rubber tip so it doesn't hurt the back of my mouth.

Be a good kitty and take your meds. They will make you feel much better!

Good luck to you and your meowmy!

Hugs & Purrs,
Sally Maria

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The pill pusher is a miracle gift for giving meds to cats! If for some reason the "burrito" method mentioned above doesn't work (some cats REALLY fight when they know they are being immobilized, try my "back-up" method.

Kneel on the floor and back the cat up and try to get it to sit on the floor right up next to your body. This way, if it tries to stand up or go over your legs, it's easier to restrain. Have the pill in the pill pusher in one hand. Use the other hand to pry the mouth open and tilt the head back some (mine loll their heads waaaay back to try and avoid anything going in the mouth, but that actually makes it easier!), and pop the pill down the throat. Then IMMEDIATELY stroke the throat from chin to chest several times to force the cat to swallow. This method works for cats who are not too claw-oriented. My two reach up, but they don't actually attack me. They are mostly escape-oriented, so if I am quick to medicate and release, they just dart a few feet away, look at me indignantly, and start bathing. smile


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Cara - Greenies also makes a thing called pill pockets that you could try. Mommy hid my pills in the chicken flavored pill pockets and I had no idea! shock



Purred: Thu Jul 10, '08 3:29pm PST 
Thank you all sooooo much for your ideas and encouragement!!!! That pill pusher sounds like a neat idea...mom will have to check with the vet or look on 1800petmeds like suggested! I will try and behave while my mom tries all those techniques!!!