black crusty stuff in eyes

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Recently my mommy Erin noticed that my eye looked weepy and there was also black crusty stuff at the corner. My mommies have been keeping an eye on me to make sure it doesn't get worse. Today my mommy Erin checked my eye today. There was still black crusty stuff at the corner of my eye, which was also kind of hard. Mommy Erin managed to pick it off but it hurt! Is it possible I have allergies? My Uncle Ike does not have any problems with his eyes.

My mommies also put our beds in the washing machine to get rid of any dust and hair on it. My Uncle Ike and I have been shedding a lot too, so that just adds in with all that yucky dust that comes!

I've also had all my shots recently.

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It can be caused from stress, it's a mild form of Herpies (sp?) I believe. Our vet suggests instead of picking it, just dab with warm water and a cotton ball. Also go to the bathroom and stay in there with someone taking a hot shower, not in the shower, but being in the room the steam will clean your eyes safely. Worked for me. I was adopted and had this condition really bad when I got to my forever home, not just the crusty stuff but weapy eyes. They are all better now, but that is how my Mom handled it.

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If you see the third eyelid (it should be pink or white) then your cat may be sick. The third eyelid is located in the corner of they eye nearest to the nose. In any case I would see a vet...

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When my girl Casey had a mysterious swelling up and blood reaction in her eye with a lot of weepy goo, I used Animals Apawthecary Eye and Nose drops in her eye. Two days of that cleared her up permanently.

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Noone has yet mentioned Epiphora.

Epiphora is an abnormal overflow of tears down the face that results from either obstruction of tear drainage through the nasolacrimal (tear duct) system or overproduction of tears that overwhelms the normal drainage system. The overproduction of tears is most often a reflex, activated to expel irritating material from the surface of the eye or when significant irritation develops inside the eye. Although uncommon, epiphora may also result from overactive lacrimal (tear) glands and be unassociated with any source of irritation.

Normal cats may occasionally have minor tear overflow or minor eye discharge. However, excessive, chronic or recurrent bouts of epiphora suggest a problem may be present.

While tears are typically colorless, they can dry to a dark red-brown-black crust, especially in the cat. Chronic tearing can also result in a brown to rust-colored staining of the hair around the eyes and face of animals. This is believed to be due to porphyrins or other pigment-like substances present in the tears.

Tears that spill over onto the face can also be irritating to the skin of the face. Moisture and bacterial build-up in that area aggravates this irritation.

What to Watch For/Signs That You Need Your Veterinarian

Watery discharge from one or both eyes
Possible tear staining on face below the eye, near the nose
Accumulation of dried discharge on the edges of the eyelids
Ulceration and irritation of the skin below the eye, near the nose
Rubbing of the eyes or face
Redness of the conjunctiva
Dramatic color change or cloudiness to the surface or within the eye
Possible pain with increased blinking or squinting
Possible swelling of the eyelids or face around the eyelids
Possible reduction or loss of sight
Possible change in size of the pupil or eyeball