wax accident! how to get candle wax out of fur?

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Yes, even professional breeders use dish detergent on their cats. Cuts the grease, is cheap, and guaranteed to be non-toxic!

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Just remember to get the ORIGINAL Dawn, not the Ultra or the one with bleach or anti-bacterial in it.

I'm just guessing here, but I wouldn't think candle/tart wax would be good for the digestive tract, especially if it's scented at all. shrug

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My kitten just did that, and he wont let me shave or trim his fur......

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I have had this happen to my kitty before - ice is the best thing - makes it extremely brittle and it just falls away with a brush. Works for gum too.

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This is Delyte. Regular candle wax probably would not hurt the cat if he ate a bit of it, especially if it is high quality paraffin or beeswax. It's the ingredients that give it the color and scent that could be quite toxic.

Can you put a little shirt or something on him to keep him from getting at it? I got a doggie sweater last yeat when I wouldn't stop pulling my fur out. I didn't mind it too much and it was nice and warm on my bare skin. [I know, whose fault was it that my skin was bare?! laugh out loud]

Ice is supposed to work on wax in hair--does it really make it brittle enough to just brush out on fur? Also recommended is peanut butter, although that sounds like making a worse mess.

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My cat got a lot of wax in his fur on tail from the blocks of wax to make the house smell good. Instead of cutting the fur off, I used a hair dryer on his tail and melted the wax and kept wiping with toilet paper that I held around the tail. Very little has remained and should fall off when I give him a bath.

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