Young Cat Anemia

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Hello! My name is Hazel- and recently I stopped playing, watching birds, and eating my food. I went to the vet and they found that my Red Blood Cell Count was at 5.9%- way below the 25-35% rate I should have.

I was rushed to get a blood transfusion and told I should get a bone marrow test- to check if the disease was related to my bone marrow. If it was not my bone marrow- I was told it was going to most likely be cancer- which for a young cat would be a bad result either way. My parents had a tough decision to make because the vet told us there was not a lot of hope.

I got a blood tranfusion and have been put on steroids and antibiotics. After my blood tranfusion my RBC went up to 16.9%- but then 48 hours later dropped to 8.7%. At home I've been way more playful- watching the birds, purring, and eating. My vet said that I should give the medicine some more time to see if that helps out since I am stable and acting like myself.

My parents are very worried and are doing whatever they can given their financial situation to try to save me. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with my case of anemia?!

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yor still young! where did you come from before you found your humans who love you, was you maybe in a poor environment.

Fleas are very well known to caught Anemia, I am sure your humans can say you have no fleas on you but that is why I asked where you came from before, fleas can kill very young kittens by sucking their blood dry.

Also another anemia related problem is internal bleeding, you have seen your vet and I am sure they have already looked over this. If you become unwell or have another episode I would suggest a FULL blood panel to check things, your answer might be found within this.

all the best


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Dear Hazel

I hope you are still active and energetic and feeling alright! I was diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia on Friday 11th April and have since had a blood transfusion and a bone marrow biopsy. We're still waiting for the results of the bone marrow biopsy. I am at home and feeling well for the time being and hope that results will be in soon to see what's wrong with me. My vet thinks it's a genetic problem, something that I was born with that "kicked in" when I hit adolescence. I am 10 months old, and trying to stay strong for my loving family!

Stay strong and hang in there, I'll be thinking of you!

Purry kitty hugs!