Feline Interstitial Cystitis (FIC)

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Diagnosed with Feline Interstitial Cystitis (FIC)

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My name is Rascal and recently I've been diagnosed with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) and my vet wants me to eat Hill's perscription diet c/d canned only. But when I eat the canned cat food I start to vomit and get the runs; no matter the amount of food my mommy gives me. My tummy can only tolerate the dry c/d formula. Also, My vet perscribed: ACE Antispasmotic to help decrease the frequent potty trips and Metacan for the pain.
My mommy and I were wondering; after doing some research, why the vet did not perscribe an anti-inflammatory med. and a glycosaminoglycan replacer such as Cosequin or Dasaquin, to help repair my bladder lining
and if I could eat the Hills perscription c/d dry (instead of canned). I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. thinkingshrugconfused


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I just read a good article about this in humans. It is all about a low acid diet. In my opinion prescription diet are not worth the $$$. You need a food with a low acid level that is of excellent quality. I think you need wet so you get more water to help with lower your bladder acid level as well. Pain meds would also be worth trying. It was one thing that article did mention.

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Metacam is a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory), similar to ibuprofen or naproxin. It should help with both pain and inflammation.

The big problem with Metacam is that, from what I understand, it hasn't really been approved for oral use in cats and vets prescribe it as an "off label" use. Here is a good .pdf about Metacam and cats:

Metacam Risks in Cats

Sorry to hear the prescription food isn't agreeing with you! Liberty's right, a good quality diet formulated for urinary health would probably be enough. There are also other brands of prescriptions diets, such as Eukanuba, Royal Canin and Purina, that might be easier for you to digest.

Of course, staying hydrated is important. If your human can give you multiple sources of fresh water, it might encourage you to drink more. We have a drinking fountain and love it! My own personal favorite is to drink out of a glass with ice in it. Weird, maybe, but it helps! wink

We're purring for you, Rascal! Get well, and keep us posted!


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Oh Rascal, I'm sorry you suffer from this. I always ate the dry Science diet c/d too, but several months ago our regular vet gave mommy a bunch of cans of the wet in two flavors, chicken and seafood. I love it, but mom switched me over really slowly due to tummy troubles. Plus, my junk food junkie brofur, Jack, just prefers dry so mommy still has to keep dry out. Since dry must remain out or Jack would starve (fat chance since he's a tubby tabby) mom leaves out the c/d at all times, but I mostly eat the wet. I do eat some dry kibble at times though.

Please ask your mom to try the other Rx brands mentioned above and see if she'll add extra bowls of water to your home. Do you have a fountain? Those help too. I've tried an antidepressant, valium and the Cosequin, but none have helped much. Nothing has unfortunately.

It sounds like your mommy loves you bunches and that is so important. Knowing mommy won't ever give up on me helps me get through the tough times when it hurts to pee and I "ruin" the house.

I'm no expert, but I'm always happy to discuss options with you or lend support if you need an ear to bend. Some of the side effects of meds are in my diary, but I am also a member of a support group. We aren't really active or big, but it helps. I'll pawmail you the link so you can join if you want.

Big purrs to you,


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I was diagnosed with this soon after Mommy adopted me when I was 12. She thinks it may be part of the reason my last family left me behind. cry

I actually never ate any prescription food for this problem. Mom bought a pet fountain, and later a second one when we got a 3rd kitty. The fountain made such a huge difference in my health. I drink lots and lots of water, which is the most important thing for kitties like us. Mom would feed me lots of wet food and even add water to it to make sure I get plenty of fluids. Some kitties don't like the extra water, but I drink it up like soup MOL. She also gives me tuna (the kind in water) and adds extra water to that.

Stress can be a big factor for this illness. Try to have a quiet place that is just for your kitty. I don't have any more signs of FIC. It was a difficult time, but we got through it. Good luck and pmail me whenever yyou need extra support!


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I meant to ask, what were you eating before?