raspy meow

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Purred: Thu Dec 27, '07 11:28am PST 
Winter has suddenly developed a raspy meow. Its usually very clear and high pitched. Today it is very quite and raspy! He shows no other symptoms of anything being wrong. No fever, runny nose, sneezing... nothing. What could this be???


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What color are their gums? When my sister got an upper respitory infection, the vet asked what color were her gums. I don't remember the answer... but now when either I or my sister look like we're sick, mom checks out our gums and and calls the vet before taking us in.

Personally, I don't have a big meow. All my meow's are raspy. Well, except at 4:00AM when I like to howl in the bathtub. Mom doesn't appreciate that. I don't think she realizes I can hear the neighbor and I'm talking to them. smile

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Purred: Thu Dec 27, '07 5:21pm PST 
Hi Winter! I have a very raspy meow. It started all of a sudden several years ago. There is a thread somewhere in the forums where the subject came up. It seemed to be common among torties.


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I once developed a raspy meow which then went to a silent meow the next day. Unlike you, I was having a slight bit of trouble swallowing my food (I eat dry food).
I went to the vets who said cats can get sore throats just like humans. I was given an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injection and my meow returned to normal literally within a couple of hours.

My mum thinks that my sore throat started when I coughed up a huge hairball the previous day.