Missing Fur!

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Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 9:56am PST 
Hi everybody,
My dad took in a stray cat several months ago and was a foster parent for the kittens she had. Now I'm not such a fan a kittens.. but that's another issue. Anyways, I don't like to see any fellow feline in trouble and a few weeks after the kittens arrived, my stray friend started losing fur on both sides of her body from about her mid-section to her back hip-joints. I thought it was just stress from the kittens and laying on her sides a lot to nurse but it's been several weeks now. The fur was never completely gone but it was thin and now there's a hint that it's beginning to grow back. Do you think it's stress or something more serious that will drag on after the kittens have found new homes? Thanks!
Have a husky holiday!


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Sometimes cats will obsessively groom themselves in times of stress, like when they have kittens or are in a new place (and some cats do it all the time). It's called psychogenic alopecia if you want to look into it. First take the mom kitty to the vet though, because you want to rule out anything that could be contagious to other pets or humans.


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possibly due to stress but if you was upset you should show more signs than just licking.
Also a possibilty it was ringworm, if ringworm is left untreated in healthy cats with good immune systems it will burn out and you will recover, some cats have a hard time getting rid of it.
Sounds like your on the mend, I would suggest you keep a watch on the baldish area.
All the best