Revolution problems?

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Sam had fleas and heartworms when we first got him, so we had him on preventative for both up until about a month ago. In August our vet had switched him to Revolution,which is a topical combination of the two. Within about a month I had noticed that this twitching thing he does when he sleeps had gotten A LOT worse and was looking like tremors or shudders around his shoulder area. I had posted on here about it but wasn't really sure what it was and didn't want to take him back to the vet b.c. he didn't even notice it and definitely wasn't in pain. Well, I forgot to give him his Revolution a month or so ago. By the time I realized, I also realized that these tremors had gotten a lot better also. I've stopped giving the Revolution to them because they have no access to the outdoors or to other animals and our vet said it really wasn't necessary...but has anyone else had this reaction to Revolution? He was on Frontline before with no problems.... he still tremors a little bit when he sleeps but NOWHERE near as badly!


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Leaf's Mom here . . .
My aunt has a Jack Russell Terrier dog and she is VERY allergic to any topical flea and tick medicine (like frontline or revolution). She actually started having seizures from it. I think some animals are just allergic and shouldn't have these products. The reactions will get worse each time, so please be careful! If your kitty is indoors I wouldn't worry about needing these types of products. Good luck!


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Have been on Revolution for about 8 months, no problems with it (well aside for me not wanting it on that is). Maybe one of the chemicals in Revolution is something you are allergic to. I would talk to the vet about it, and see if s/he can switch you back to Frontline, and then go from there.

If Frontline becomes an issue too, then you could probably just not give him a topical anymore, but maybe treats your drapes/carpets every six months to be on the safe side. Mom had to do both when I came down with a case of the fleas. Most use it yourself products out there only necessitate that you spray and leave the house (critters and all) for about 3 hours, so you could time it to occur for a visit to a relative or a day full of errands.


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I don't agree with giving these harsh chemicals to animals if it is not necessary. Cheetah had a flea issue when I first got her and I put revolution on her.... which didn't even work. There were still fleas on her all month. With no chemicals and a good diet, she has been able to repel bugs better than when on revolution. I defiantly think it had something to do with your tremors and I also think you did a good thing by not giving it to them anymore. wink Hopefully you will get better and say MEOW!!!!! to revolution! smile