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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 7:29am PST 
I got my kitten back in July. She was supposed to be 10 weeks but she was so tiny, so we assume she was younger. However, we had her for about 4 months and she is still a real small. I think she is going to remain a kitten forever. I think she loooks like a cat that is 3 months. What could have caused this. I looked at dwarfism and she does not have little, stubby legs. What size should she be and have anybody have a cat that remain very small.


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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 7:43am PST 
Mom's Aunt has a kitty that she rescued from the side of the road. She was in bad shape and almost didn't make it. She was skin and bones and very malnourished. She didn't grow up to be very big . . . only 5 pounds, but she is very happy and healthy anyway! Her name is Lucky and she is an all black kitty with beautiful green eyes.

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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 8:01am PST 
When I rescued Charlita I thought she was maybe three months old, tiny and skinny, I had her for maybe a month when she went into heat, rushed her to the vet for an emergency spay, and was I surprised when they told me she was 8-12 months old! She is still incredibly small and skinny, have had her re tested for parasites everything has come back clear, she just dosn't seem to grow and she seems to be incredibly healthy. I guess cats are no diferent than people, we come in all shapes and sizes!

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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 8:03am PST 
some kittes are just tiny!
some can grow at much slower rates than others (certain breeds don't reach full size until 4 or 5 yrs old)
my sister, Princess Daisy Mae Natalie Pee, was te runt of the litter & didn't get much bigger than a 6 month old kitten (she grew out instead MOL)

Sesshoumaru- (Sesshy)

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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 8:23am PST 
I was a very sick tiny little kitty who was also the runt of the litter. I had a respiratory infection, eye infection and my ribs stuck out. Mommy and Daddy figured I would be a pretty tiny cat even after I got better. I'm happy to say that a year later I am one gorgeous, well-fed happy little cat, but I am kind of short with "stumpy" feet and tail. Mommy and Daddy aren't sure if this is related to me being sick at a young age or if it's natural (my brother has the same body type too). If you seem healthy otherwise, you could just be little, but if you are worried I would talk to the vet.


Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 2:17pm PST 
Thanks everyone. When I got her she was dirty and had worms and ear mites. We put her on meds to clear it up. That may be the reason she is not that big. We still love her even she is not going to get bigger. We just got a kitten for life.


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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 6:04pm PST 
On your profile it says that you're 8lbs? That's not all that small for an adult cat. I was at the vet just a couple of weeks ago and I'm now just barely 8lbs and I'm over a year old. My older sister that I never got to meet was about that weight too, but she was really fluffy and so she looked a lot bigger. I'm really sleek and athletic and I like that I can still wedge myself under the entertainment center! (I have to do it sideways now though big grin )


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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 9:25pm PST 
It's Stella. Sabra, you look like you may be half Oriental breed and half tabby like me. Oriental breeds are always small and slim and they have the prominent ears like you have. If you weigh 8 pounds that is a pretty healthy size for an adult. We had a cat who was white and tabby like me [no relation] and she never weighed more than 5 pounds, and she lived to be 17.

Are you sure that you got rid of all those worms? They can really stunt your growth by taking nutrients from you.

You are a pretty cat! My person thinks I am too fat and I only weigh 10 pounds and I love to eat fattening dry food. smile


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Purred: Mon Nov 19, '07 8:36am PST 
Stella is right, you look to be a siamese/dsh like me and my sister. (or something like it) I am a full 10-11 lbs but it took me a year and a half to reach this size. My sister is small yet, and it will take her a while to grow also. But that's alright! I also know another cat that is about the same age as me (1 yr 1/2) and is about half my size. So, it all depends on the cat and as long as there is no medical reason why there is no growth, you should be just fine! Your beautiful by the way!! big grin


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Purred: Mon Nov 19, '07 4:55pm PST 
Echoing every cat, I was on the runt size when I was adopted at 6 months. I didn't look it! Fast forward 3 months, and I had a pretty big growth spurt! So maybe she's just gonna have a growth spurt later on.

Also, 8 lbs is nothing to mew disdainingly about. That's only 3 lbs shy of my current weight, and I'm a big kitty now!

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