brown teeth, peridontal disease?

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Our older cat chloe recently has become quite inactive, sleeping a lot, she also stopped eating dry food and now only on canned, I noticed her breath smelled funky, so I looked at her teeth and the back ones look unhealthy brown color. The problem is that she hates being handled and would probably need to be sedated to get them cleaned. I know food is a bit culprit and she was fed poor quality like purina and friskies , and I recently convinced my mom to switch to serengeti and innova evo.
Is there anything that can be done at home to help with this, perhaps somethint to add to the water?

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Lack of dental care will cause bad teeth, not quality of food or type of food. A professional dental cleaning is almost always done under anesthesia. It's less stressul for both the cat and the vet.

Yellow/brown teeth indicate plaque buildup. Left untreated, it can cause red spots along the gum line. Those are resorptive lesions and indicate periodontal disease.

You should have the vet do a thorough dental cleaning and remove any teeth that are in very bad shape. After that, you can keep the teeth healthy by brushing with a pet toothpaste to remove plaque and bacteria. Oral rinses and stuff you put in the water doesn't help much. You really need to brush to get stuff off the teeth.

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I'd strongly advise you to get Chloe's teeth sorted out at the vets as soon as possible. I myself recently had 3 of my fangs removed and I have to say, I feel the best I've felt in a long time.
If you have bad teeth/gums, all kinds of toxins from the bacteria are going into your bloodstream - this could be why Chloe's sleeping a lot - she probably feels pretty bad. If bad teeth are left untreated the bacteria can cause damage to the vital organs, so it's really important to sort out any dental problems quickly.