E-Collar post-spay?

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It's Mooch. I'd like to ask a question for my sisters. The four of us will be getting our spay/neutering in a couple weeks. Mommy's all nervous laugh out loud .

Mommy was able to take 5 days of at-home work days after our operations......is it necessary to get our sisters e-collars?

Does anyone have any experience with them good or bad? They just seem so uncomfortable, and Mommy would rather not use it if it's not needed.

Thank you (and I hope those of you who are getting/got your operations done are doing fantastically!)!

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It depends on the individual cat. If she's not excessively licking the wound or pulling at the sutures (if she has them) then the E-collar won't be needed.
My sister Pepsi came home from her spay op wearing an E-collar but it freaked her out too much and she was doing somersaults to try to get it off. Mum thought Pepsi would do herself an injury so she removed the E-collar and just observed Pepsi to make sure she was not licking her wound, etc. After showing some initial interest with her 3 sutures (not all cats have these - some vets use skin glue) she left the wound alone.
Not all cat's mind wearing an e collar as much as Pepsi did!


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I'm a pretty fanatical licker. My mom jokes that if I could, I'd lick things to death. So, she worried when I was spayed (I also had been rescued about a month prior from a co-workers neighboring woods, so she didn't know TOO much about me). Since I licked so much, she bought one, but they never used it. The vet told her as long as I didn't lick at the incision spot, it would be okay. So, it does depend on the cat. Since so many of you are going at once, maybe your mom should just buy one or two to have on hand, in case any of you need one.


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As long as they do not lick or chew then they don't need to wear one. However, kitties can be sneaky and lick at the area even if you turn your back for a second. The problem with licking is they can cause the area to become infected. If they chew out the sutures then you'll need to have those replaced. Depending on how wiggly a kitty is will depend on whether additional sedation is necessary.

There are other alternatives to e-collars...a infant t-shirt sometimes works, but not all cats will let you dress them. There is also a soft e-collar you can try. Alot of places are carrying them now.


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I got neutered and front declawed at the same time this way i only was under anestesia (sp?) once. Anyway they kept me for about 48 hours to make sure everything was healing nicely and i wasn't in pain or licking excessively (which i wasn't). When i came home i would not stop licking my incision and trying to chew the glue of my paws. They had given mom an ecollar for me and gauze string to tie it to my collar with. Mom kept trying to get it to stay but i wasn't dumb. id ram my head under the table/chairs untill it got stuck and then id back out of it. eventually mom gave up and took me back to the vet and they tied it to my collar and then criss crossed it under my chest and around my back so i couldnt get it off. I was so damn mad. I couldnt drink water from my bowl with it on and mom ended up hand feeding me because the stupid collar got in the way. That collar only lasted about 3/4 of the day because mom saw how much of a hard time i had with it. Anytime i tried to lick or chew the area mom would come at me with the e-collar and I'd stop. after a few days i forgot all about it.

Jewel was spayed by the shelter the day before mom saw her (a week before the official adoption) and she never really licked the area but she wouldn't let anyone see it. She was very protective of it.


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Hey Mooch, A while ago my sister (now over the bridge) had a spay surgery, then a full chain mastectomy (times 2) AND a lumpectomy. She really HATED the e-collar and it really upset her and with all these surgeries she just couldn't take it so mommy went and bought human baby onsies, cut a hole for clearance, added a safety pin to tighten up a gappy area and voila! she didn't need to wear the e-collar and she COULD NOT get at her incisions to lick them. Then just change daily and wash and replace. Worked fabulously! P mail me if you want direction how to cut out and fashion. Plus she was kinda cute with her "Here comes trouble" text on her back smile
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My bad, When I wrote that post about my E-collar woes i selected Jewel as the pet author when it was really me! Harley!