Lime sulfer dip for ringworm

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Has anyone ever purchased lime sulfer dip to use on their cat? My kitty has ringworm and I am trying to research what would be best to use but worry a little about using the lime sulfer dip...I read that it can not be injested so it has to dry completely on the cat to work....in our case I know that would be difficult...I read that a collar needs to be used.. I doubt my kitty would put up with that.

I have the miconazole cream but it's diffcult to know if I am getting all the spots covered and worry about him licking this stuff off..

Does anyone have any suggestions?? I may just end up going to the vet but really can't afford it right now.


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LymDip is anti-parasitic lime sulfur dip. This is commonly used for mites. Ringworm however, is a fungal infection and the lymdip is not going to work on a fungus. You need to use anti-fungal medicines. There are topical as well as systemic medications that your vet can Rx.
Most vets start with the topical if the fungus is localized to one specific part of the body. Otherwise pills will also be Rx'd.

Do not use LymDip. It will not work and your house will smell of rotten eggs for nothing!

More info on ringworm


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Hey there!
I am currently battling ringworm in 5 cats and what a pain in the butt!

Through all of my reading, a lot of people have used the Lime Sulfur Dips on ringworm with wonderful results! Because ringworm is so prevalent in Persians, Sulfur lime dips are the number 1 thing breeders turn to when an outbreak occurs. It smells horrible, but works really well! Just try not to let your cat lick himself until after her dries!
Good luck!!!


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I used LymDip on my cat when he had ringworm, and it did a marvelous job. Killed everything. You do have to use a collar, though, and it does smell like rotten eggs. When we did my cat we kept him in his pet taxi in the garage while it was drying...but of course, it's the dead of summer now, so the garage might not be the best idea, unless it's ventilated. Or if you live in an area where it's colder. It would be wise to have him somewhere cut off from the rest of the house, though, if you can manage it, otherwise your whole house will smell and there's nothing worse than having to get rid of that sulfur smell. It won't be a fun ordeal for your cat either way, and he will be angry with you for a week afterward (at least, mine was..wouldn't speak to me unless I was feeding him laugh out loud ) But, as far as getting rid of the fungus goes, I had good results with it


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Mommy had ringworm a while back and her human doctor prescribed Nystatin....which is one of the main ingredients in Panolog Ointment/Cream.....that is what we use for Ringworm and it works great....or a Clotrimazole (Athletes Foot remedy.)


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Thank you everyone.. it's hard to decide what to do when you get so many conflicting opinions...I do have some cream that was prescribe for another kitty here but worry that it may not be enough and also worry about him licking it...it's called Miconazole nitrate 2% which was given to me by the vet....I am gonna have to decide fairly quickly since I don't want this situation getting any worse....right now he has a huge bald spot that I combed out and put cream on..plus there are a couple other spots....

Thank you all for your advice!

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When some kittens a friend was fostering got ringworm we did three Lyme dips and used Lamisol - an OTC med on the spots with the ringworm it cleared up nicely very quickly. Make sure you scrub your house down too, wash everything!