Appetite enhancers?

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This is Delyte. We just posted about Sparkle, our person's sister's cat, who will not eat. The vet has gone through every kind of test he can think of, and they have tried all kinds of variety of foods. The only thing that worked a little was one kind of steroid appetite enhancer. Are there more than one kind, and could someone send me some names for her to try, or point me to a place on the web with some different ones? Her problem might be psychological, but they don't want her to get liver disease while she is getting through it. Thanks so much for your expertise!


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Mommy has a tough time with me eating!! Sometimes Mommy has to actually wipe a bit of food on my mouth. Then I think.....hmm, maybe it doesn't taste that bad as it smells. Other times, Mommy has to actually put the food on the tile floor! Then I think it's a treat, but Mommy gets mad at me that I am that spoiled! And other times, I am so picky that Mommy has to crumble up treats on top to get me to eat! Cats seem to love tuna..not really that good to give them, but maybe you can get the special cat tuna at Trader Joes & see if he will eat that. Hope I helped a little!


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Natural Cat Appetite Stimulants

Appealing foods such as sardines, tuna or “gourmet” canned foods. The more smelly the food the more likely it is to tickle the cat’s olfactory senses. Baby food and lunch meat are also good options. Buy a rotisserie chicken and feed the meat (skinless). It helps to jump start appetites.

B Multivitamins given in a pediatric dose. Check with your vet on dasages.

Catnip can act as a natural digestive aid and appetite stimulant.

Nutri-Cal natural dietary supplement is designed to entice cats that won't eat. It also works great for hiding and administering pills.

Prescription Drug Cat Appetite Stimulants

Cyroheptadine is an antihistamine with appetite stimulant properties for cats, but not dogs.

Valium (Diazepam) is an effective appetite stimulant, but can cause liver failure in cats. It is vital to have the cat’s liver enzymes checked before using Valium and again a few days after starting therapy. Any increase in liver enzymes should rule out the use of oral diazepam.


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B12 in the methylcobalamin (not that cheap standard cyanocobalamin form) form. And mom is going to look into Remeron for kitteis too, since she read it is good for inappetance, as well as behavior disorders (like peeing outside the litter box). It is also supposed to help with feline pruritus. Since I have all three problems (blush), I hope it works. Of course, mom read that it may not be good for kitties with renal failure, so she will have to research that a bit more before it goes in MY mouth.