Liquid Skin??

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One handsome- devil
Purred: Tue May 8, '07 5:54pm PST 
Hey all, I havent posted here in awile. I've got a minor dilemma. About two weeks ago, Pippin and Freya were playfighting and she pulled out a small tuft of hair (maybe pinkie toenail size) from one of his cheeks. It scabbed over pretty quick and I figured it would just grow back. The problem is, it isn't, because he keeps finding ways to pick the scab off. He is a very active cat and either it gets pulled off through more play, or he scratches it off after a few days (right when my hopes are getting up hehe). It doesn't look infected, but I am afraid that if he keeps pulling the scab off sooner or later it will be.

So, short of sequestering him alone in a closet with soft paws or buying one of those hideous elizabethan collars, how do I get him to leave it alone? Can you use Liquid Skin on cats?


Ms. Trix ... the- huntress
Purred: Tue May 8, '07 6:50pm PST 
Awww...you poor baby, you are so handsome! I would call your vet and ask with him before putting anything on his skin. But you can always just take him in and i'm sure your vet can give you an antibiotic to clear it up, and I know mine gives us the cones once we buy the treatment. Hope everything works outway to go


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Me too!


Macy the Wonder- Kitten
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When I was spayed last month, the vet used a form of "liquid skin" to keep the incision together. Give your vet a call and see if they can use a similar product on your sore. My sister Amelia gets those sores all the time from play-fighting with me and my brother, and they usually only take a few days to heal, so you should get that checked out.


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I agree with Macy, I think you should get it checked out, even if it is piece of mind. You may need some antibiotics, they may also have an idea how to to stop you from scratching it. Good luck and I'm interested to know about this liquid skin. My humans has worked in a few clinics, and she doesn't recall it been used in any of them.

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Wow, I thought I was joking about the liquid skin! laugh out loud I'll have to give our vet a call and see if they've got anything similar!


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Just a thought..... I get allergies and scratch my face bloody all the time if I didn't have nail caps....

Did your mommy look at all your skin? I get little bumps on my tummy too and I scratch the hair off in little round spots and sometimes on my back which I can't really scratch well mom see the little round raised bumps . They do heal and the hair grows back.

I talk allergy medicine when it gets bad...