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Has anyone ever had strange reactions to Pediatric Benadryl in the syrup form? I used to work at a vet and was told that it was okay to use Benadryl to make the kitties a little sleepy for a car trip but I never thought of what form to use it in. I got the Pediatric Benadryl, dye free, and let my kitty Nikki lick it to see if she would take it on her own and she coughed and after a minute or so had quite a bit of foamy drool coming out of her mouth, (she is fine now)I had actually had this happen to another kitty (my mom's kitty) and thought that she had just swallowed it wrong, but now that I have seen it twice it concerns me. Any ideas?? Is it the syrup or what??

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I had to give Lucky Boo Children's Benedryl back in August when he was suffering from a terrible URI. It didn't help much, and it was awful to give it to him because it made him foam at the mouth too. The vet said the foaming is normal because of the horrible taste! And I imagine Bubble Gum flavored Children's Benedryl (the only flavor my supermarket had was Bubble Gum) doesn't taste pleasant to a carnivorous feline. But as far as the foaming goes, it's normal.

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The chemicals in benedryl react with cat saliva to cause the foaming. It's quite normal. I try to split up the dose when giving it to my cats. I usually give half, let them foam a bit then give the other half so it isn't quite so overwhelming. I just gave some to Marina last night, poor thing. I could only bear to give her half a dose but it made her feel better pretty quickly. If you can stomach watching your baby foam at the mouth for about 5 minutes, then the clean up after, it's well worth it. Good luck.


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I don't think it is the chemicals. Think of how you react ot a sour lemon or pickle. You saliva glands go into overdrive. Cats react the same way to the taste os Benedryl. I am taking Afrin right now, and I do this....the Afrin is not in my mouth, but the taste is. I push all my saliva out hoping to flush my mouth of the awful taste.

Have a lot of napkins handy and relax and.


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Anytime we eat something that our taste buds don't agree with, we can foam at the mouth or even drool excessively. Unless there are other symptoms, I wouldn't worry.

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Oh wow, last year my VET told me I can give my kitty 1/2 benadryl pill if she started to get allergys marks again, its been a year since she told me this, and a year since I read about it on the internet. I gave her only 1/8 of a tab mixed in water and gave it to h er and thank GOD I didnt give her the full dose, she foamed and foamed and drooled for over 45 min, it was aweful.. she hates me now!! NOT really hates me but Im sure she isnt too happy, I tried flushing her mouth out with water only made it worse. Should have left is be it may of stopped sooner.. I will NEVER do that again, I will talk to me VET about a pill popper, and see if giving it pill form will do the same thing. I dont want the vet to giver her get a cortizone shot again cuz it can cause reactions to the pancreas and cause diabetis I have a diebetic cat and its not fun, for me or the kitty high protein foods low carbs and home blood testing with a human meter and insulin shots in the AM and PM. I cant ever travel.. I learned so much from this site, anyone with cat issues especially diabetis, should look at this site, its great!! http://www.felinediabetes.com/phorum5/list.php?8