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HI Grady,
there is a CRF group that you could join.

Velvet- 1992-2008

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I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease in June 2005, when I was 13. Mommy switched my food to Innova Evo and my blood levels are better than normal most of the time. This past Christmas I had to have my first round of SubQ fluids. There's absolutely reason to hope for a long life after diagnosis. Good luck to you.

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

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This is Delyte. My late companion, Peri, had kidney problems from the time she was a little kitten, and when she was about 9 they said she had only 1/4 of a kidney working. We switched her to the Purina NF, because she had gotten fat and ratty looking on the Science Diet. She loved it and it made her look and feel wonderful, and she lived another 4 years. We wish we had found it sooner. I eat it now, because I am tending towards kidney troubles and I like it a lot, and so does Stella.

Almost all of my person's cats have died from kidney disease, so it's a terrible killer, and we hope that you can triumph over it!


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I was diagnosed with CRF in August of 2003 and am still going strong. I've pretty much seen no progression in the disease, meaning that my blood work numbers have been holding steady (just slightly out of the normal range, though sometimes they come back normal). It does take work (sub-q fluids, regular vet visits, etc.), but if you put forth the effort, you should have a long life ahead of you! Like Hunter said, feel free to check out the CRF group here on Catster.

Emmett McGee- 4/15/94- 9/3/08

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I'm almost 13, and I was diagnosed with CRF about six months ago. We switched me to science diet k/d wet food, and I'm doing just fine, though mom says it's time to take me back and test me again. Good luck -- as long as it is controlled, you hopefully will be healthy for some time to come.


If looks could- kill...
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Every kitty is different, but I thought Id share a success story to offer some hope smile We had a kitty live til he was 17 years old and he has been diagnosed with CRF 5 years previous to that! He was basically maintained on a diet of Hill's K/D. He came in for routine bloodwork to monitor his progression about every 4-6 months. He lived a full life with CRF!

Tagious REBORN

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Purred: Thu Feb 15, '07 7:14am PST 
Tagious's sister, "Faith" (not posted in webpage) had Liver/Kidney failure right before she turned 5 years old. Doctors tried to revive her for 2 weeks w/ shots, meds, etc... Prior to me realizing she was sick, for about 2 months she had tried to give me clues to her sickness, and I still get upset for not have "read" her earlier...as I look back on the now obvious clues to her sudden death...(I just didn't know). Asian Leopards are very vocal cats, but I missed the signs. I woke up one morning and she was "yellow". From then on it was a battle to save her. Doctors said they haven't seen kidney/liver failure as this in such a young cat...that mostly it's in older cats...They seem to think she may have been born with it. Tagious (in the posting picture is her younger brother). They are Asian Leopard Bengals. For us, we lost her pretty quickly...
But what I now know...depending on the cats health, it can be managed if caught early on and their life could be prolonged...doctors were very honest with my cats situation- that she wasn't going to live...but offered me free shots and fluid daily when my money was depleted into saving her.


Oliver-My Little- Buddy
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Another great group outside of Catster is Feline-CRF-Support@yahoogroups.com. There is a wealth of info in the files section. My older 'sister' was diagnosed with CRF at 16.5 yrs and lived another 2.5 yrs very happily. She ate Purina NF (didn't like k/d at all) and Mom used phosphorous binders in her food. She also had regular subq fluid therapy at home, Mom learned how. It's real easy and saves the stress and cost of having it done at the vet. CRF caught early can be managed. Wishing you the best Grady!

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I was just diagnosed with the beginnings of kidney failure on February 9th. Mama was given two different types of food for me: The Royal Canin feline Renal LP, and the Hills Feline K/D dry kibble. Mama also has been giving me 50 cc's of sub-q injections each day (I lost 3 pounds so was down to 5 pounds from my normal weight of 8-10).

After one week, I've gained about a half pound, am eating and sleeping well, and am MUCH perkier than I had been. I go back to the vet around March 9th, so we'll see how I'm doing...

Mama says there's no reason for pets to not have a healthy life even with kidney disease, and if it's caught early, the vet says that there's a good chance to reverse it with the right diet and medications. I'm 20, and I think I may be here for my 21st birthday! dancing


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