Kitten in heat

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RIP Asheara

Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 7:44pm PST 
Hello everyone,

Recently my 8 month old female kitten went into heat.

Since all my previous cats have been fixed, I was rather confused about this entire process. Its all new to me. I wasnt even sure what was happening until I looked it up on the internet, and found out that my suspicions were true, she was in heat.

First off, I was scared because I thought she was too young to go into heat. Does anyone know the average age a kitten/cat goes into heat for the first time?

Secondly, is there anything I can do for her? Like to comfort her? I do not plan on breeding her, the only reason she is not fixed is because we do not have the money to do so.
But while shes in heat, is there anything I can do for her? I feel slightly bad for her, shes constantly meowing and making all kinds of other noises, and I wish there was something I could do...

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks from myself and Asheara!

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Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 7:54pm PST 
I think kittens usually go into heat around 4 - 5 months. I could be a little off on the the timing, but I know a kitten would definitely be in heat by 8 months. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for her. As soon as you can afford it, please have your kitten spayed. This is the only thing that will stop her. Be careful she doesn't sneak outside. Kittens who are in heat will try to get outside to find a mate. It isn't safe for her to have kittens so young. Until you can get her fixed, you might want to consider buying yourself ear plugs to block out the catterwauling. big grin


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Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 8:07pm PST 
I was about 5 and a half months old when I was spayed and I had not gone into heat. Mommy always thought that 6 months was about as late as you can go without risking an early heat. Since we joined Catster, however, she has learned that a female kitten can have her first 'cycle' as early as 16 weeks of age!!!


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Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 8:47pm PST 
Average age of first heat cycle is between 4-6 months. She will continue to be in heat until she is bred or gets spayed, and there really is nothing you can do to calm her. Look into low cost spays in your area to help keep cost to a minimum.
HELP! FIX ME Maine's Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program
Let us help you fix your cat or dog. There aren't homes enough for all of them. If you can't afford to fix your cat or dog, call 1-800-367-1317 or (207) 287-7621
You may be eligible for the State's low cost spay/neuter program.
If you receive or are eligible for one of the following programs...

* Food Stamps
* Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
* Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
* Social Security Disability (SSD)
* Maine Care (Medicaid)
You can have your cat fixed for $10, and your dog fixed for $20.

or look here:


I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 9:27pm PST 
Hunter, those are great links and great information. Mommy gets 'Downeast' magazine because she loves Bar Harbor and Acadia and Maine in general. Apparently, Maine is the number one state for cat ownership. Unfortunately, over half of the cats kept as pets in Maine do not get vet care. There was a big article in the November issue. They are working very hard to improve the situation.


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Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 9:52pm PST 
Hi there,
It sounds like you have gotten some answers to your questions and they are correct for the most part!
Kitties can come into heat as early as 4 months we are told by vets. So the sooner you can get her fixed the better so do look into the low income spay and neuter programs in your area or contact some rescues and ask if they know of any low cost vets or if they can sponsor your spay, it never hurts to ask many would rather pay for your spay now than to have to find homes for all the un-wanted kittens later.
Aslo make sure you keep her inside and be very careful that she does not slip out they get very tricky when they are in heat!
You may want to try some Rescue Remedy or some other Calming stuff found at your local pet stores, in her water to help calm her or Feliway plug in but that might be as spndy as a spay shrug


Oliver-My Little- Buddy
Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 5:55am PST 
Wow! What a wonderful program Maine has for low cost spay/neuters!

Miss Olivia

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Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 8:55am PST 
I was in heat end of november until the week of Christmas when mommy and daddy got my sister and I spayed. We were born in april and mommy didn't know that kittens got into heat. However, they was told by a vet that they could get a vocher in the area for a free spade. Ask your local vet for free spade vouchers locations. They do both cats and dogs spade and neuter. smile

RIP Asheara

Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 9:10am PST 
Wow thanks for all the responses everyone. It really helped.

Asheara definitely does not go outside, she has snuck out the door before, fortunatly for us, once she gets outside she just rolls around on the ground and doesnt go anywhere. Haha. But we are very careful to keep her inside.
She gets jealous sometimes because her older sister Nimawae is allowed to go out. But Nimawae is spayed.

I will definitely look into the programs in my area for low cost spaying.

Thanks again for all the help and info.
Have a purr-fect day! big grinbig grin

RIP Asheara

Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 9:11am PST 
Olivia, your mommy sounds alot like me. I also did not realize that kittens went into heat so early!! shock

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