I'm having babies soon

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Purred: Sun Sep 24, '06 9:51pm PST 
As the title says, I'm having babies soon. My tummy is very fluffy. Does my mummy need to trim my hair before the babies come to make it easier to feed them?


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Purred: Sun Sep 24, '06 11:25pm PST 
It probably wouldn't be such a wise decision to shave your cats tummy. When the kittens are born they will only use smell and touch to find the nipples if they don't feel the fur they may have problems finding a nipple because it will feel strange to them. As the kittens nurse it will push the fur against the skin and will make it easier to find the nipples. I wouldn't worry about it but if you see that the kittens have been "routing" for a while and can't find a nipple I would call a local vet and ask them what to do.


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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 7:56am PST 
No need to trim any hair. The kittens will find the nipples just fine. If one happens to not be able to find one, then the humans need to help put the kittens face near the nipple and s/he should latch on.

Here are some great pregnancy care sites.
Newborn kitten care

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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 8:41am PST 
I'm a seasoned mommy, and don't worry, fur won't stop the little darlings. They know what to do. If your human wants to help, she can put you in front of one, but they seem to want to find their own. My human does like to make sure the smallest gets plenty of time on a nipple if they others are piglets!
When are you due? Mine are due on Wednesday! Shall we be friends and share baby pics?


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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 12:10pm PST 
Congrats to you! I can't have babies, but I sure do like them! I'm practically still a baby myself, and I love to play!

Good luck! I hope all your babies are healthy and happy!


I think I like- you.
Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 4:31pm PST 
Thanks everyone for your help.

I don't know when I'm due. I was a stray (and I'm only a baby myself) and when my new mummy took me to the vet he wasn't sure. Somewhere between 1-3 weeks now.

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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 5:31pm PST 
Good luck, Molineaux. I'm just an old bachelor who doesn't know anything about babies, but I wish you the best. You're a very pretty girl and you're lucky to have such kind humans. I read your page, and this is to your humans: I bet that instead of being mad at you for getting a new kitty that they sent you this blessing themselves, to make you feel better and to help out another deserted soul. Keep us posted on your new family.

R.I.P. Mr.- Snuggles xx

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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 5:36pm PST 
Hello to you both really since there are two of you having kittens. The babies so long as they are healthy they will find the nipple on their own. Sometimes the mummy doesnt like you fussing and touching them. So try not too at first just watch to make sure.
You realise the mummy will need lots of extra food to make the milk?
Can I just say and I am not getting at anyone or picking a fight, these girls need to be spayed at the earliest possible chance. They can fall pregnant whilst feeding the kittens. So they need to be kept in away from any unfixed toms.
I understand the one is a stray and you have done a fantastic job looking after this little girl well done. Its not easy to take time to care for these poor strays but I am so so pleased you have.
Good Luck. If you need any advice or help with anything I have a lot of experiance with rescue fostering kittening and rehoming. Please just message me if you need help.
There are many many people on here that will try to help. But please please please get the girls spayed. I know you will as its the responsible thing to do. Also it is the kindest for the girls who dont want to be 'mothering all the time'. It really takes it out of a female after kittens especially if they are young themselves. Also the kittens have to be found their forever homes which is difficult. There are so so many cats and kittens unwanted and waiting in foster homes if they are lucky or thrown on the street if they are not.

Purrrrrrs from Mr. Snuggles
and his mummy Sharon
PS Please dont take offence at anything I have said it is not meant in a judgemental way at all.


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Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 1:02pm PST 
I'm a mum!!!!!

I gave birth to three kittens during the night. The first came at 8.19 and it's white with a tabby spot on its head, one spot on its back and a tabby tail. The second came at 11.26pm and it's all black. The third came at 12.29am and its all tabby.

Mummy's had a stressful night with very little sleep. She tried to go to bed this morning but I left my kittens and sat outside her door meowing so she had to get up again.

Is it usual for me to just get up and leave my kittens?


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Purred: Sun Oct 8, '06 1:12pm PST 
Congratulations Molineux. I am afraid I don't know anything about kittens and such but we wanted you to know that we are thinking of you. I know there are other kitties here who will share their knowledge with you. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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