Dirty nose and ears!

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I was adopted at about 2 months old, and ever since said adoption, my ears and nose are always dirty. My dad will get my ears sort of clean, and the black stuff chips away, but comes back after about a week. My nose is often clogged with black stuff too, that gets cleaned out about twice a day. What's a good medicine for both areas? The other kitties in the home are all clean...except my brother who has tons of scabs on his back, neck and ears from fleas.


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It sounds like it may be ear mites, you should go to the vet. If it is ear mites and they are bad it could cause infection and hearing loss. A few weeks ago I saw something black in my cats ear, I took her to a groomer and they said it was ear mites, I took her to the vet and they gave her a shot and cleaned and medicated her ears, she is fine now.

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Yeah, those ear mites are persistent and a regular home cleaning might not do it, especially at first. Sorry about the cost, but you'll save money and increase your comfort in the long run just to go now and get it done. After that, your vet can tell you what's the best way to keep them clean to avoid going back to the vet. Good luck!


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Definitely sounds as if you have a mite problem. They will continue to be a persistant problem, until you get them medicated. The vet will swab your ears to make sure it is in fact mites, then either medicate the ears right then, or send you home w/ medication. The other animals in the house can get the mites too, so the sooner you get treated the better.
The nose issue, is most likely nothing to be concerned about. Some kitties just have dirty noses. Just have your parents clean it as usual. You can ask your vet about it when you go in.

As far as your brother is concerned. He's got flea allergy dermatitis. (At least that is what it sounds like). There are medicines that can help relieve him of the scabs and itchiness. One flea can cause these types of problems in cats that are allergic. Have your vet examine him too and get some relief from the fleas. Start Frontline or Advantage to help control the fleas on you and the rest of your family. You should also treat your house for fleas. I like Siphotrol Area Treatment spray. It is safe enough for animals to be in the house, just put them in another room for about a 1/2 while the product dries. Thoroughly vacuum, then throw away (outside) the contents of the vacuum. Make sure to get all area the animals come in contact w/. Closets, couches, etc. Spray the entire house. Then repeat ENTIRE process in 2 weeks.
http://www.petplace.com/cats/flea-allergy-dermatitis-in-cats/page1 .aspx


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hmm i actually get black in my nose alot..mommy uses a warm cloth to remove it for me, it doesnt bother me or anything. its hard and kinda looks like a scab, but isnt really attached. i get it every so often.