I don't purr, I chuff

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SleighBell ~- "Bella"

It's always- playtime, unless- I'm asleep.
Purred: Wed May 10, '06 8:59pm PST 
I've got a question...When I was younger I would pad and purr all the time, as I got older I find I don't really purr but chuff like a lion or tiger might. I'm a very happy healthy cat that gets lots of toys and attention... Is that normal for a cat like me not to purr or could there be something else?

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Thu May 11, '06 1:28am PST 
Everykitty's different! As long as you're happy, I guess that's all that matters! smile


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Thu May 11, '06 2:43am PST 
I dont know if its any help but when i meow I dont actually meow as most cats do, every so often I sound like a cat but most times I make a BaBaBa noise, very similar to a sheep. Mum calls me her little lamb due to the sound and my curls.

A strange sounding purr should be ok as long as it doesnt sound fluidy like you have a flu.

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Thu May 11, '06 6:06am PST 
momsie says it is growing up, we change our talk, I do a little of everything, her loves the chirps and chatters I do to our birdies out doors Bluie

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Purred: Thu May 11, '06 7:12pm PST 
I agree with the other kitties and I think you just meow the way you want tosmile

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

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Purred: Thu May 11, '06 8:06pm PST 
I use to purr alot as a kitten, now I hardly purr at all. My brother boots purrs enough for both of us. I also chuff, mom wasn't really sure what I was doing until she saw it on the discovery channel. Now her and I make the noise back and forth to each other

SleighBell ~- "Bella"

It's always- playtime, unless- I'm asleep.
Purred: Fri May 12, '06 5:24pm PST 
Thank you all...Guess I'm just a fat happy cat. Well, festively plump anyway...


Just throw the- ball already!
Purred: Wed Jul 12, '06 11:02pm PST 
I chuff too! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one! My mommy and I chuff at each other... it's fun!

Marie - Defender of the Empire

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Purred: Wed Jul 12, '06 11:08pm PST 
Jordan! I just started ba-ba-baaaaing today to get my mommy's attention...hehehe, it sure worked, b/c she couldn't believe what she was hearing!

That's cool to know that I'm not the only one making this funny sound.