Stinky cat breath!

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sloth love- chunk!
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 7:12am PST 
Mom says i have horrible stinky cat breath!
She tried to give me some dental treats but i don't like ANY treats!
I was just to the vet, and i'm healthy and my teeth are doing ok. What can mom do to help my yucky breath?

Emmett McGee- 4/15/94- 9/3/08

Outta My Way.
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 12:05pm PST 
My human would be interested in the replies to this, too. I don't even have any teeth left, and she calls me stinky breath -- but she kisses me anyway!

Sweetie- (1996-2008)

An angel in- disguise
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 12:12pm PST 
I found this on a website about cats/dogs with bad breath. Hope it helps.

-Bad breath, medically termed 'halitosis', is a common problem reported by pet owners. The most common cause of halitosis is some sort of dental problem. Bacteria, saliva and food particles can form plaque, which causes bad breath. This can further develop into gingivitis, or worse, periodontal disease, which will make the breath even more unpleasant.
In addition to dental problems, other causes of bad breath include:

Diabetes mellitus
Kidney disease
Gastrointestinal disease including cancers and obstructions
Infections of areas around the mouth, such as the folds of the lips
Respiratory disease, e.g.; some sinus infections
Dietary "indiscretions" such as eating stool or spoiled garbage
Other oral disease such as tonsillitis, cancer, trauma, and some autoimmune diseases
Any pet with bad breath should be examined by a veterinarian, unless you know it's caused by something the pet ate. Some causes of bad breath can cause severe and even fatal complications if not treated promptly.


sloth love- chunk!
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 1:16pm PST 
I am already missing some teeth, mom got me like that, she we don't know why they are missing. The vet checked me out just last week and said i was going ok, maybe mom will have to ask for more suggestions next week when my sister sees the vet.


If it's edible,- I'll eat it!
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 10:28pm PST 
I had 6 teeth removed due to them starting to rot. It helped cure my bad breath for a while. Maybe your mom can buy you some treats that help with stinky breath. I hope you dont have to lose some of your teeth like I did. frown


sloth love- chunk!
Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 6:00am PST 
I am already missing some teeth. Mom tries to give me dental treats and pitr pats for m stinky breath but i don't like any kind of treats!

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 1:13pm PST 
Very smelly breath can indicate dental problems or other health problems. I had very smelly breath for awhile and it turned out that my teeth were in very bad shape. One tooth broke off by, the roots of other teeth were gone, and I had lesions on all the other teeth. I had dental surgery not too long ago to remove the bad teeth and clean the good ones. My breath smells much better now. Perhaps your healing person can take x-rays of your teeth to see if there is anything going on with the roots. And take a blood test to see if you are healthy in general.


Me? Move? YOU- move!
Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 1:32pm PST 
Since I don't let mom brush my teeth, she puts Suzie's Tarter Liquid in my water....http://www.suziestartarliquid.com/, it helps keep my teeth white and my breath minty fresh! Okay, maybe not minty fresh, but I don't have kibble breath either!

Spring - Jones

Princess of the- Jones House
Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 3:32pm PST 
I used to have some super stinky breath! I ended up having to have dental surgery to remove 2 teeth (& I was only 2 years old!). Mom, dad & our vet were baffled because mom & dad did everything right (dental treats, teeth cleaning).

Turns out I had Bartonella (it requires a blood test). The vet figured I probably had it since before I came to live with mom & dad. I took some meds for a month & the bartonella was gone. Now, my breath isn't minty fresh, but it won't knock you over either! MOL
*waves to Sweetie*

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Michael- Corleone

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Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 10:16pm PST 
I have really stinky fish breath too! My doctor recommended my mama get me some CET Chews for Cats. She buys them from this Web site, which she says is the cheapest she has found: http://www.healthypets.com/cetchforca.html. The chews are really yummy! Ever since eating them, my breath is not quite as stinky, and my tartar is not as bad, so I guess they work!

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