Swelling after getting spayed?

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Baby Princess- Maggie
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 1:03pm PST 
I got fixed a week ago today and I still got a good swelling on my tummy. It's soft and doesn't hurt and nothing is coming out of it (mommy checks it every day and night). The vet says swelling happens in a small percentage of kitties and it should go away within a week or two but mommy is worried and was wondering if anyone else had swelling after getting fixed?
I'm 10 months old BTW... if you read my bio I had to have an eye removed before getting fixed so it took longer than expected.


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 2:09pm PST 
Hi Maggie!
I'm so glad you were finally able to get spayed. You seem to be doing well after your eye operation. smile
Well, I didn't have swelling after I was spayed, so don't know much about it. Your Mom is right to keep a close eye on things. If the swelling doesn't go down in a day or so, or if your Mom still feels uncomfortable about it, call your vet.
Keep us posted! AND it's so nice to see you again. Sending some treats your way!


Warrior Princess
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 6:07pm PST 
Hi Maggie,

I was spayed about a year ago and I too had swelling at the incision. A hard ball had formed and my Mommy got really worried and took me to the nice doctor. The nice doctor checked it and said some cats get that sometimes. I think it was a reaction to the stitches but after about 2 weeks, it was gone!!! I'm not sure if that's what you have Maggie, it would be a good idea for your Mommy and Daddy to have you checked out, just to make sure that it's not something more serious, like a build-up of pus or an infection. Good luck girl!

Spice- (Spicey)

Where's the- food?
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 7:00pm PST 
Hi Maggie
Glad you are through with your surgeries.
I had an infection after I was spayed, but no swelling. I cried and wouldn't eat or move much, so Mommy knew I was sick. If you are eating and moving around, you are probably OK. Tell your Mom if you start to act like you are in pain, get lethargic or you are very warm that she should probably take you to the vet and get you checked. And if they swelling gets larger or has redness or is warm, get to the vet.

P.S. My sister Daisy says to tell your brother Murphy hello.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 8:17pm PST 
Hi Maggie,

My mum helped out with recue cats and that means taking them to the vets sometimes for the little snip.
Yes it is common for some cats to have swelling, we see a lot of female cats that get swelling, and please keep it secret but when I was still young and had my little snip I also had some swelling for afew weeks, mum was worried they didnt take out both my peas but they did. smile

Just keep a watch on it, if you notice any red or heat around the area then thats time to get to the vets. Oh and if its not gone down within a few months I would also questions it too

Good luck


Baby Princess- Maggie
Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 1:58pm PST 
thanks everyone... mommy called the vet last night (she lives like 2 minutes away from us) and mommy ran me over there to get double checked, all is A-O-K! The vet said exactly what you all said, it's normal and will go away... mommy is a worry-wart! smile I'm eacting and playing and even when mommy touches the swelling I don't care. The doctor said it should start going down some and will be completely gone shortly.
thanks for the advice!


Mommy's Daffodil
Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:26pm PST 
Maggie, we are so glad you are doing well! I'm sure you are getting along well with one eye, also! It's not so bad, is it? Purrs from your fellow one-eyed precious kitty!

Tinker Bell

I love ME!
Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 4:59pm PST 
When I was fixed by Banfield (PETSMART) 2 days later somehow my suture opened back up and some fluid started to come out...it hurt pretty bad and I kept trying to lick it to make it stop but mommy kept pushing my head away.

When I went to the vet to get sewed back up, he could not figure out how/why my incision had come back open again as the stitches were inside?!? Either way...I know after I was stitched back up the 2nd time I had a lot of swelling, it may have been mainly from the fact it was irritated and re-opened but I did swell. NOT TO MENTION, I think that's part of my hangy belly smile There is obvious scar tissue that the vet just doesn't seem to exclude when weighing me... he he he

The swelling should go away soon enough, I hope you heal up quick smile