Cat Nightmares??

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Miss Priss
Purred: Fri Feb 3, '06 12:17pm PST 
My old favortie cat freaked me out last night.. She always lays right besides me.. every single night.. we also have a old dog who has begun to snore.. really loud.. I think the dog beats out my grandmother.. anyway.. for some reason I woke up to a weird moaning noise and at first I thought it was our Dog snoring because it SORT OF sounded like that.. when I realized it wasnt coming from our dog I looked over at my cat and it appeared she was growling/moaning.. it was a long moan.. she did it about four times or so.. it wasnt snoring.. I felt it coming from her neck.. vocal cords

So i nudged her to make sure she was okay.. she didnt move. I started panicing and picked her up.. she was completely limp. I started shaking her.. not severly just you know a little bit to see if she would respond.. still nothing.. this went on for about 30seconds.. i started crying thinking she had a stroke and was dying.. (A friends cat died from a stroke and she said the cat moaned or whatever)..

then all of a sudden she kind of jumped, like I startled her.. hissed and tried to bite me (she appeared frightened).. she then realized she was laying in my lap.. and started to PURR HARD! it was instant.. she was also very vocal.. my cat is also a suckle machine.. she has been doing it to me every night since she was a kitten.. usually its just for around 5 mins or so and not that heavy.. well this time last night.. she went HARDCORE suckling on my shirt.. so bad I had to change my shirt when she was done.. this time the suckle time lasted 15 mins! she has never done it that long.. or that hard.. Im starting to think maybe she had a nightmare?? She went back to sleep right by my side after that and is doing fine.. I kept waking up in the middle of the night to make sure she was still breathing.. it just FREAKED me out.. Has anyone had to deal with this.. ?? I want to add that I have never known her to be in deep asleep that she dreamt.. she is.. or was a very LIGHT sleeper.. woke up to the slightest sound..

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Sun Feb 5, '06 11:16am PST 
No idea, but when a human has something like this they call it Awareness during Sleep paralysis.
It's kinda a nightmare, kinda a daydream, and it has something do do with the REM sleep stage. I have no idea if cats go through the same sleep stages. Cats do dream however, and most likely have nightmares as well.
Either way, if it happens again I'd suggest talking to your kitty first in a calming voice, then gently rubbing her.
If she was having a nightmare that she was being attacked or something, having you poke and shake her would only make things worse.

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sun Feb 5, '06 1:26pm PST 
My mom says I moan in my sleep also. It just started it in the last few months. She says it's almost like a stomach rumble, yet it's not coming from my stomach -- it's more from the throat, like you said, though it seems to come from deeper in the throat than most of my sounds (even my growl). She thought it must have something to do with stomach/intestinal problems I have, but really doesn't know for sure, and the vet couldn't say what it is.

I also have had episodes where I don't recognize my mom and dad and try to attack them, though mine were always when I was fully awake. The vet feels those episodes are seizures -- mine were brought on by stress and fear.

I don't know that my experiences are even similar to yours; it's just information for you to consider. Does your cat have any other symptoms of illness? Might she have some illness causing pain? Perhaps a checkup at the vet is in order, with also a discussion of the unusual sleep behavior.

added: At least try to watch her very closely for any other unusual signs that she might be ill or have something neurological going on. It may have just been a dream, but if you felt it was very odd for her and it was that distressing, please keep a close eye on her. You know what is not normal for her.


Diva- Extraordanaire!
Purred: Sun Feb 5, '06 7:45pm PST 
I don't have nightmares, but I do dream alot. Mom says I make little sounds and my paws tremble and move alot like I'm chasing a mousie!

I hope I never have a dream about a... *gasp*... a dog!


Purred: Sun Sep 21, '08 8:58am PST 
My cat has been having recurrent nightmares for 6 years. While he is sleeping he suddenly jumps off from where he is sleeping. Scared and very cautious, goes back to where he was sleeping and starts sniffing around as if to find what has scared him off. When comforted by me, he goes right back to sleep.
I really would like to know what is going on and how I can help him.
It is really sad to realize that there must be millions of cats, dogs, animals who have gone through some traumatic experiences and have nightmares often, but no one to comfort them.

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Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sun Sep 21, '08 10:11am PST 
This is Delyte. I not only snore as much as a person, but I make quavery moans in my sleep at times when I am most deeply asleep. My person doesn't know what's going on but she thought the snore had to do with my allergies. Since I have very strange digestive problems, that would explain the noise, but it does sound like a sad little moan. Then of course I do the twitching, paws shaking thing where it seems like I am dreaming of chasing mice or something. Sometimes I will wake up really confused as to where I am, but I am getting pretty old. My person wonders if I am having nightmares about when I was lost in the woods or at the vet after my operation. Otherwise I have had a pretty quiet life, unlike one of my person's other cats who moved 9 times with her and flew on airplanes and drove hundreds of miles.


Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 5:10am PST 
Well, the SOLUTION to Rascal's nightmares was easy... With a very soft tone of voice pet him while he is sleeping. Do this as often as you can. Make sure he wakes up to a cozy, loving scene and realize he is safe and loved. Let him go back to sleep. Even a little kiss, while he is sleeping and you are passing by is sufficient. Just be soft.
He doesn't see nightmares anymore. happy dance


Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 5:54pm PST 
Velveeta - interesting you post this. We're wondering the same about HappiCat. She came from a cat hoarder, caged for the first year of her life, not vaccinated and had the URI (thanks to Catster she's on Lysine which helps her eye alot = THANKYOU!). At her foster house she lived with many people , other cats, and got lots of attention. However they also had a dog who used to terrorise HappiCat.
We adopted her, named her HappiCat because by day she is happy. By night though she moans in her sleep, & panics if she's pet. We now know to talk to her before petting her, because she has tooth & clawed us. Talking to her first and then petting her will calm her down and she'll go back to sleep.


The Warrior- Princess
Purred: Sun Feb 7, '10 12:29pm PST 
Luckily Xena just seems to have happy dreams. She does the paw twitching and chattering thing which seems like she is hunting in her dreams. Recently she has also started occaisionally suckling while she is deep asleep. Xena is a big 7 year old cat now so it is very cute to see her with a blissful expression and loudly suckling/purring like she did when she was a tiny kitten.

Abby Angel- at Rainbow- Bridge

Guardian- Angel
Purred: Sun Feb 7, '10 3:30pm PST 
Veleveeta, I used to have nightmares quite frequently. There I'd be, deep in sleep when I'd start groaning and twitching and suddenly wake up startled and in a panic and look around with terror in my eyes. Whenever mommy was near by, she'd talk to me in a soft, calm voice and pet me. Then I'd relax and settle down and start purring. One time I was sleeping on the pillow next to mommy when I woke up suddenly and was in such a panic I ran over mommy's face and out of the room. Mommy's face was badly scratched but luckily I missed her eyes!

I was adopted when I was about 4 yrs old and mommy often wondered if something very, very bad had happened to me in my early years.
little angel

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