Cats And PMS?

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Landon- Dakota

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Landon and Hadley are both spayed. They also love one another -- they play together all of the time. Except every month for a few days, they get in these snitty moods very similar to PMS. They hiss and fight and are just all around mean to us and eachother. A few days later, they're back to normal.

What's this about? Do gets get "PMS" or anything similar? anything we can do to keep them from "getting" one another while we're gone?


Baby Princess- Maggie
Purred: Wed Dec 7, '05 11:30am PST 
I'm not to sure about PMS or anything BUT I'm currently/was going through heat and my bad eye was really bothering me... mommy asked the vet if a cats cycle is kinda like human womens and she said yes female cats will swell and retain water and feel more pain from the swelling... so I guess it could be possible... maybe a call to the vet would help.

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If your cats are both spayed then they lack the hormone factories responsible for producing lovely symptoms of PMS in some human females. The ovaries are removed in a spay.

in any case, teh feline heat cycle is not really like that of the human menstrual cycle. A female cat that is intact (or, let's say,one who has part of an ovary left over due to an incomplete spay, which sometimes happens) only cycles during the spring/summer (indoor cats may cycle year round since their day length remains the same all year--feline heat cycles are triggered by the amount of day light they get, and this can include artificial lighting.)

Cats DO NOT ovulate as part of their cycle the way a human does. Cats only ovulate if they are bred. So, an unbred female cat goes into heat (and trust me, you'll know when they are) for about 10 days, goes out, and comes back in about 3 weeks later. This process will repeat until the cat is spayed, pregnant, or you go insane. So the process is a little different than in humans, and I am unaware of any reports of female cats retaining water or whatnot prior to the actual estrus portion of their cycle--I think you may have misunderstood your vet (or she misunderstood your question.

As I already mentioned, a spayed cat doesn't have ovaries. They do not make estrogen that causes teh signs of estrus, and they don't make progesterone since they don't ovulate. Therefore, your cats are not having PMS--they are just being typical and normally moody female cats.