Still tries to spray after being neutered

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My neutered cat, a year old, still makes the action with his hind end that he wants to spray. Could this be a bladder infection? Or is it just something he's gonna do? My other neutered cat doesn't do this? Has anyone else's cat done this?? Thanks!!!

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Whenever a cat is doing something out of the ordinary, rule out medical first. Call your vet and ask him about bringing in some urine to test. Cats are very prone to urinary tract infections as well as stones. Every time we've had a 'pee problem' here, it has turned out to be medical.

Good luck!

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I second what Jeepers said. This sounds like a medical issue. I would be concerned about some sort of blockage. I would definitely recommend talking to your vet about it.


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Is he only TRYING to pee, but nothing comes out? That's a sign of a possible blockage, which can become life threatening. Neutered male cats are reportedly more prone to urinary blockages so please get him to a vet ASAP...


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Fluffy is a female cat that is spayed and she sprays like a boy. She was litter trained early but has always peed on everything and anything. At first we thought it was a UTI (get it checked out) but nothing was wrong with her, so we've had to live with her peeing everywhere for the past 11 years!


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fluffy-how do you get rid of the smell?


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We've used everything in the book and nothing worked. We finally changed our last room over to concrete floor -the rest is tile. So we have no carpet to hold the smell in.
On upholstery we use NAture's Miracle -kinda expensive and we didn't water it down and it did okay. Covered up with lots of Febreze. We try and deter them with peppermint and vinegar but it has to be really strong.

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I think i know what you are talking about. Does he walk up to a wall (or other object) and the tail goes in the air and wiggles like he is spraying, but just nothing comes out. Was he spraying before he was neutered?

Although i'm not a vet, i do think that this action is normal. My mom said that when she was young she had a male cat who did that too.... although she said it was because he was already spraying when he was neutered. So the action was still there, but just not the stuff coming out.

My mom just notcied that i was kind of doing the same action after i got used to the bathroom (i was adopted Thursday). Even though i am neutered, she thinks that i was neutered when i went to the shelter at a year and a half old, and i was already spraying. So now the action is still there, but nothing.

But did you call the vet to see if this whole thing is normal? I'd like to know.