Do you think i could be burmese?

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the silver- bullet
Purred: Tue Nov 25, '08 2:37am PST 
Just wondered if anyone thought that I look Burmese? At the shelter I was told I was part British Blue, but I wasn't too sure. I am VERY vocal, act like a dog and am basically gorgeous! I'm a sweetie and very affectionate.



pussycat,- pussycat where- have you been.
Purred: Mon Mar 16, '09 6:11pm PST 
You don't have to be related to Royalty to be a boring blue blood, just be happy being yourself party


Lookat meeeee
Purred: Sun Apr 26, '09 12:05pm PST 
Yes you could be. I am a blue burmese look at my page to compare, I think we look similar although I am still only a baby. I think you coat is thicker so that could be from a british shorthair. Maybe you are a bit of both. I am vocal, naughty and I love food and cuddles how about you ?

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