My BSH worries

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Hi all, i've recently brought a new little BSH silver shaded into our home, and she is so cuddley and affectionate, we've fallen in love with her instantly. 2 things have concerned us though,
- the breeder wants us to take her back for desexing next week, and at that age she'll only be about 10-11 weeks old.
- also she keeps scratching her ear, and the hair is falling out and the skin feels scabby/crusty - i can't find any adult fleas, but it looks like flecks of dirt in her undercoat frown
- finally, i have concerns that she may not be a purebreed, her tail is faily slim and doesn't really have that short stubby rounded look that our last lilac BSH girl had...
- her eyes are currently green, but they are looking more yellow as time goes on, i thought all silver shaded BSH had to have green eyes?