Help Psycho Shorthair!

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Nutmeg- Cholula

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Purred: Mon Jul 7, '08 5:25am PST 
Hi, we've taken in a stray british shorthair, we've had him now for about four months. 99% of the time he is a friendly and affectionate cat but now and again, and sometimes for no aparent reason he attacks my partner and I quite viciously. We have a female cat and sometimes he attacks her too. He hasn't been neutered, could this be the problem? We are planning to have him neutered but first he needs to be tested for Leukaemia and Feline HIV which at the moment I don't have the money to fund.

Also he seems to have weepy eyes quite alot, is this common to the breed?

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.
Nutmegs mum


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Purred: Fri Feb 27, '09 2:50pm PST 
is this the cat in question on the photo?
if so i dont meen to be rude but i dont think it is a british shorthair, it looks like a domestic shorthair which is not a pure bread cat.
all the samr it is damb cute!!! xx