Post-neuter humping

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We have had our oddly behaving black cat for over eight years. Recently, we deduced that he is a British Bombay. His personality and temperament exactly mesh with the descriptions herein and at other sites, including those that are breed-specific. He has the pale yellow-green eyes and the short, but boxy, snout indicating he is of the British line.

One odd behavior that I haven't seen described anywhere is his propensity to hump. He is on his second throw pillow since we've had him and he has been neutered since he came home with us. As our orange tabby is also neutered and doesn't display this behavior, we wondered if it is a breed characteristic or just a "defect" in his personality. ;+)

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Our Bombay Cat also does the the humping , he has his own micro-fibre blanket he uses and I have not ever seen this behaviour before in all the different breeds of cats I have had in the the last 50 years. It must be something only Bombay cats do , I am sort of glad I am not the only one experiencing it , I would like to hear from other Bombay cat owners and see if it is common .