Burmese cranial defect in Bombays

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Purred: Wed May 5, '10 9:58am PST 
When I got my Ruth at the Humaine Society they told me she'd been brought back twice in her short 10 week life for various reasons. On the second day I saw the truth, she went into a seizure.
The Vet diagnosis her partially blind, developmentally delayed, yet the seizures could be controlled with Phenobarbital.
Since then I’ve done research and found this defect common in both Burmese and Bombays, carried as a recessives gene in males. The deformity is usually so apparent the kittens are put down at birth. Ruth’s head shape didn’t indicate what lay beneath.
Two years since, Ruth is happy, active, has learned to play and adapt to her partial sight. She gets two pills a day, and has only had 2-3 seizers since medication. Just a heads up as this breed becomes more and more popular. Check the breeder’s history.