Am I A Bombay Cat?

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The Toshmeister
Purred: Fri May 4, '07 6:29am PST 
My uncle seen a poster in the pet shop and the only black cat on there was a bombay type and the description said short hair and always totally black. This seems like me, but I dont know anything about cat breeds.

Am I a Bombay Cat?



Diddle Kitty
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 4:40pm PST 
I am a Bombay. My mom got me at a pet store too. I had no sign no label. , i was just a black kitten in a cage. upon having me a couple min the onths my mom realized i was no ordinary cat. I fetched my toys. I made up games that showed my imagination skills. I was very vocal with a different meow for every word. I meow mama, Maximus, out, and now. I stick my paw under doors and jiggle them when i want in. I'm leash trained. I wear clothes, pose for pictures. I roll my eyes when i'm mad. I knead and suck on my mama's t-shirts. I go to petsmart and ride in the buggy. I'm an excellent traveler. I choose which can of food i want in the mornings. So after looking up these traits along with my physical description of a minature panther she found out i was a bombay. Technically to be a bombay you have to have an absynnian and solid black american shorthair for parents. Strains of siamese, and burmese will also bring out the bombay in an offspring. However there are also sable colored bombays.

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Purred: Mon Jun 11, '07 6:53pm PST 
you seem like I mix breed like me- american shorthair/bombay-you may be the same as me! or just a bombay or just a black american shorthair-if you really want the answer, just ask a vet


Queen Bee
Purred: Wed Jun 13, '07 1:49am PST 
You do have Bombay eyes! smile kitty


Only touch me if- you plan on- feeding me.
Purred: Sun Jun 17, '07 8:13pm PST 
I'm pretty sure that I'm a Bombay. I may have some white on my tummy and my neck and toes, but usually People can tell if you are a Bombay if you have a shorter nose, a smaller head, and you are a litte more vocal than other kitties... but that's just me.




Purred: Fri Aug 3, '07 10:50pm PST 
a bombay kitty was originally an american shorthaired, bred together with a burmese in the early 50's to create a "panther" look. Through a long process of inbreeding and outcrossing and careful selection, was able to consistently produce a black cat unlike any other.


Purred: Mon Aug 27, '07 12:35pm PST 
The most consistent judges of a Bombay are the body shape, the eyes, and the fur. They are breed to look like panthers. The body shape is very much like a Burmese, thick and very muscular. We are not tiny, dainty cats, but look (and act) like the athletes of the cat world. We are also taller than most American shorthairs, from the mixing of Burmese and AS. Eyes can be yellow, but are supposed to be copper-colored. Our faces are wide and expressive, and we have a bit of a thick muzzle like a Burmese. Our fur should be short and very shiny.

Because the breed is a mix between Burmese and AS, personalities can vary quite a bit, due to American Shorthairs having a more personality variety. We do tend to be very intelligent, and like to figure out things (like opening the doors). We also can be very affectionate with our families.

James the 3

black cat
Purred: Fri Aug 31, '07 9:27pm PST 
well...u have all black right? and short hair to medium hair? and yellow eyes? and a cute little face? the u r a bombay cat!cheerkittyway to gowink


I see what I- want, I get what- I want.
Purred: Wed Oct 3, '07 8:04pm PST 

I am almost definite that I am a Bombay, considering I have all the correct attributes. To try and figure out if you have the right attributes, click 'Resources' (on the Catster sidebar) then click 'Breed Index' and find the link which says Bombay. Hopefully you'll find out!

--Kind regards



Purred: Sun Oct 3, '10 12:22am PST 
Am I a bombay??? I have all the characteristics... black shiny short coat, beautiful voice, black paw pads and whiskers, and I have the personality for it too! I am very attached to my mom and I follow her everywhere! I love car rides too! I love to rub on everything too, and I don't really get along with other cats, they just don't get how awesome I am and that I should be the dominant one. I am fairly sure I am a mutt, especially since I was a rescue. The only features that don't really fit would be the fact that I have BIG yellow eyes, but they aren't really 'copper' and my face is a little long to really fit the breed profile, but my mom thinks that is because I am a boy... Even if I am not a bombay, I am still an awesome cat!

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