What breed could he be? And could I have some kitty help?

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Purred: Mon Jun 10, '13 12:56pm PST 
We adopted O'Malley last year, is 8 years old, has a red point coloration, and weighs almost 12 lbs. I was curious if he is a Birman or something related to the Siamese. He does not go limp like Ragdolls, so that's why I wasn't sure if he could be one. He loves people, isn't shy and is very vocal. However, he has a ferocious side. To clip his nails I have to put him in a "kitty burrito". Scruffing him does nothing, but infuriate him and for a vet to give him an IV would require the help of two people to hold him down.

O'Malley reacts this way with brushing most of the time as well. He has super soft fur (I call it his down) which makes it so he doesn't need to be brushed often, but I wish I could brush him a couple times a weeks. When we adopted him he had some knots on his back and neck, which I have most of them out. He used to be terrified of just the sight of any type of brush/comb, but even though he isn't as scared anymore he still doesn't like to be brushed. He does not like his tail, mid-lower back, and paws touched (sometimes he doesn't care, like when I'm able to get some brushing in while he is eating treats). I asked the vet if he has arthritis, but he said he didn't think so. Does anyone have any tips for me to get him to like to be brushed?

Another reason other than curiosity is that his eyes dart back and forth. If he is a descendant of Siamese then it would probably be just Nystagmus, since they have a lot of eye issues. I've already asked my vet about it; he doesn't seemed worried about there being an issue with it, but didn't have any answers for me.


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Okay. Ok I looked through my DK Eyewitness Handbook CATS. The closest fit is Nonpedigree Crean and White with blue eyes.

Does O'malley like treats? Brush then treats, brush then treats. I use a Goody comb. I got my last ones at Kroger of all place in the personal need section. Not one broken teeth!