Kitten shaved on flank by vet- will it grow back darker?

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Hi there, my 4 1/2 month old kitten has just been spayed this morning. I asked for a midline spay as she is a Blue Tortie Birman. Unfortunately the vet forgot initially and shaved her flank ready for the op. He realised his mistake and then did the op midline but I am now really worried her fur will grow back darker which would be such a huge shame as she is such a pretty cat and show quality. Does anyone know how likely it is that it will grow back darker and how long it would last if it does?


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Brownie for some reason groomed himself and pulls the hair from his hind quarter. The tips of the hair is darker now as it is growing out. As it grows longer, the lighter color will be seen near the roots. Candie, my blue point lynx fought with Brownie and lost some hair around her tail. It grew back. I do not see any color difference. You will see the fuzz of the fur start by now. It took about two months for the hair around Candies tail to look the same.

By spring shedding season, all the hair will even out.