Is she or Isn't she, Birman

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New Here!!

I have had several people tell me that our Isebella is Birman and NOT Siamese like I thought. Her grandmother is SUPPOSE to be Siamese, but now I am wondering. Could someone set the record strait for me???

Okay, I don't see a place to add a picture, so I hope the profile picture is good enough.


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I can't see her too well in your picture. Birman are slow to develop. A 4 month old Birman looks like a 6 week old Siamese kitten. That is why breeders hold on to them so long. Is the hair long or short?? Like on the tail, is the hair a long plume or short hair like a siamese?? A picture of the back paws may show us it she is Snowshoe, Ragdoll or Birman. If the back paw is more than half white then she is not a Birman. The Birman huff is the final test. Hold a Birman for too long, they start to snort in short huffs to tell you they want to be let go.

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Really Brownie? If I'm held for too long I go to sleep, I just love it! But now that you say it, there's a housekitty here that does that, he looks like a Turkish Van but a stray, very beautiful, face looks like an Angora. I'm probably part Siamese/Ragdoll(go super floppy when picked up) and do I look like a Birman? Rabbit fur but not really fluffy


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Hard to tell from that pic. Would need to see pics of paw markings front and particularly the back... and also a pic of her adult coat. The only white markings on her should be her mitts and laces... and its where those laces end that define the breed.

The huff is kinda unique, although none of mine do it when held or cuddled, but they do so when kind of a little bit annoyed. For example Zac will do so when his younger brother is a bit too boisterous at playtime and Zac has had enough. He will either huff and walk off.. or at other times huff and hold his ground. He will also huff if the younger one attempts to stick his nose in Zacs food bowl rather than his own.

You mention that the grandmother is siamese. Its entirely possible that you have a rather interesting and pretty cross. After all, if you trace the history of the Birman breed back many, many, many generations.. you get the siamese and persian at the roots.


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