My indoor cat wants to go into corridor and visits the neighbours!

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Purred: Mon Feb 27, '12 11:06am PST 
Sweetie is 6 months now and stayed with some different people in a different flat over Christmas. A few weeks ago she started miaowing very loudly, continuously, to be let into the corridor of the block of flats where I live. There is not much to see in this corridor!!!

The vet she she was surely started to call and as I knew this would be necessary at some point anyway, I had her spayed.

But she is still doing it, bawling to be let out and not only that, she has darted into neighbour's flats and looked around!

The neighbours like her, they find her as much of a sweetie as I do, but I don't feel I can allow them to be responsible for keeping her in the corridor, she could easily get past the door into the stairway - there is a train route, a major road route just outside!!!!

I can sometimes distract her by playing with her, feeding her, but I don't want as fat kitty on my hands (the neighbours think she is thin though.

OK, she is a captive beast in so many ways, but how can I get her to be a little less obsessed with the corridor? I have been wondering whether to try her with a leash this summer. I have been told another cat is no solution as they will just be bored together.