Could I Be Part Bengal?

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Blind Cats are- Cool!
Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 8:03pm PST 
Hi! I just found my furever home last week! Yay!!

Meowmy has noticed that some of my characteristics remind her of the Bengals and wondered if I might be part Bengal.

My back legs are loner than my front so I look like I'm stalking when I walk. I love water and play in our automatic waterer and Meowmy's fountain. My tail has a bend in it near the tip. My stripes
look like some on photos she found.

Oh, and I'm blind but that has nothing to do with my heritage. smile
Could anyone tell us if I might have some Bengal in me?


Marble Cat

Purred: Tue Nov 10, '09 5:31pm PST 
Since i have had many kittens in my time on this earth and have lived with a silver that looks a bit like you I would say that it is very possible that you could be at least part Bengal if not full. Next time you come across a Bengal cat, feel the bone structure of their face and then yours, you will most likely feel a lot of similarities.