How to mate my Bengal Queens...

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Nala & Maya

Purred: Sun Jun 7, '09 10:49am PST 
I have 2 Bengal Queens who are now11 months old but are not on the GCCF register but so would love for them to have a litter each as they have the most gorgeous coats and temperaments. One is a brown spotted with unbelievable glitter and tri colouring. The other is a sweet tri colour brown marble. They both have such beautiful charcters and along with the usual mischievious Bengal traits, they really do have the most loving natures and would both make great mothers and aunties alike. My problem is that I read somewhere that because of their breeding, they may have incompatible blood types with normal cats causing litters of inferior kittens leading to immunity problems that will kill them. Has ANYONE out there any advice or has had the same problem as I now dont know where to turn? I have tried to contact the person I purchased my cats from but with no joy...!