Cat Exercise Wheels

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Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 9:57am PST 
Somedays we sadly have to leave home and go to work. Somedays, we are fortunate to stay home with Thor, and attempt to work from our home office. Either way, we dedicate every evening to playing and cuddling with Thor.

For the past year, when we leave the house, we are pleasantly surprised to return home and find nothing a mess. BUT when we are home, every afternoon between 2-4, Thor runs crazy around the house, up and down the stairs, loudly speaking to us. Until we stop working, and give him full attention, he is a menace on the keyboard and knocking stuff over all around the house.

We recently watched a YouTube video with Bengals on an exercise wheel.
Might this be a solution to Thor’s spastic afternoon energy?
Anyone have Pro or Con thoughts about cat exercise wheels... and which brand or type is best?

Thor’s birthday is April 21.
Although very expensive, we’re thinking an excerise wheel might be a GIFT for ALL of us.

This Catster Newbie appreciates all suggestions.

Plenty- O'Toole

Purred: Fri Apr 17, '09 12:23pm PST 
Bundas up in Canada has the wheels. The last time I checked I think they were like $275 plus shipping to me in NJ would have made it about $350 total.